7 Wedding Trends To Steal From Virushka

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First this pair gave us all some serious relationship goals (not to forget plenty of awesome Instagram moments from their lives as well) and now with the Virat Kohli- Anushka Sharma wedding having actually happened for real, Virushka have actually set the bar even higher when it comes to wedding planning. For starters, everything about this couple is stylish and so was the wedding. Who would have thought that each and every detail would have us all sighing and swooning and wishing we had thought of it first? So, here you go, the top 7 trends to steal from the Virushka wedding:

Keeping It Really Private


Image courtesy Financial Express

Virushka gave the word private an altogether different meaning. When they said they were only going to call close friends and family members, who would have thought that less than 50 guests was the figure they had in mind? Which is another food for thought- just because they are celebs, they didn’t feel the need to invite acquaintances or other big names to an intimate ceremony. Rather, celebrating such an occasion with people who undoubtedly are on top of their priority list was all that mattered- and so should it be for you too.

Destination Wedding


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Destination weddings have been trending for some time now and since Virushka chose such a romantic spot for their ceremony, you can bet that getting wed at an exotic locale is only going to be on the rise. We suggest choosing a place that holds some kind of interest for you two or even some special meaning. In this case, Anushka always wanted to get married amidst plenty of greenery or a vineyard and that’s exactly what they went for!

Boho Is In


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If you’ve decided to opt for something traditional to wear for the wedding, then the sangeet or the mehndi function may be the right occasions to experiment with design, colour or style. In this case, Anushka loves hot pink and that’s why Sabyasachi was more than happy to design a boho inspired outfit for her with lavish use of her favourite colours. Colours like orange, fuchsia pink and blue may look garish otherwise but when used in the right way, the outcome can be nothing short of jaw-dropping. Gowns and dresses are cool options to explore too.

Wear Your Favourite Shade


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One would think that wearing fuchsia pink on a wedding lehenga is simply not done but trust Sabyasachi to make the bride happy by giving her a wonderful lehenga chock-full of embroidery which also featured flowers done in her favourite shade. True, red is usually the preferred shade for wedding wear, but just like Virushka, you too should talk to your designer about how he or she can weave in your favourite colour without dampening the look of the garment on the whole.

Use of Lights


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Virushka had a really pretty bulb marquee at their wedding and although one would be tempted to think that this may have been set up for an evening wedding, surprisingly, it was set up during the day. Amidst the lovely bouquets of flowers, the entire setting looked nothing short of ethereal. We wholly recommend the use of fairy lights and bulbs to enhance the setting of any venue.

Experimenting with flowers


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Interestingly, red roses found no place at this romantic wedding venue and instead one found roses in light pink, yellow, mauve and orange which looked so surreal. Instead of going with the usual bouquet choices, mini flower chandeliers and posies help to set the mood of the occasion much better.

Gifting Unique Favours


Image courtesy Joseph Radhik

No, they didn’t give a wedding favour that you would expect. Instead, Virushka opted for a volume on love poems by Rumi to gift their guests. We think that’s simply lovely and unique, besides of course being a gift that can be genuinely treasured for a lifetime.

Image courtesy Adage India

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