8 Dangerous Beauty Hacks You Should Avoid

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It’s said that sometimes, a little knowledge can be a really dangerous thing, and it’s so true! Do a quick search on the internet and you will find plenty of quick fix ‘solutions’ to getting crystal clear skin in just a few hours, losing 5 kilos of weight just by taking a few sips of a miracle fat burning drink and so on. Ask a licensed nutritionist if these beauty hacks actually work and they will tell you that there are truly no shortcuts to losing weight or to looking good. In short, ‘No Pain, No Gain’.

So, what are the beauty hacks that have been around for ages and which are actually dangerous for you? We look at the top —- ones you need to think twice about before putting them into practice.

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1. Bursting zits with a safety pin

Yes, we all hate those unsightly white bobbed pimples that spring up at the worst of times but trying to burst them open with a safety pin is no solution. You could end up with a nasty skin infection or even a scar. This one tops our list of beauty hacks to avoid

2. Using face packs with unknown ingredients

Yes, many good quality face packs from top brands have been proven to help in removing old scars or add a glow to your face. However, many face packs could have ingredients you may be allergic to. You might even end up with a nasty burn or suffer worse skin reactions.

3. Applying lemon juice directly to the face

The skin on your face is very thin which is why it deserves the maximum pampering and love. Lemon juice is very acidic in nature could give you a chemical burn and make your skin darker, especially if you stay out in the sunlight a lot. If you wish to apply lemon juice, dilute it with a bit of water first to reduce acidity. Always follow up with a sunscreen especially during the day.

4. Using a Sharpie or Marker on your eyes

When you’ve got so many gorgeous kajal sticks to choose from, why would someone use a thin tipped marker pen to create the perfect eyeliner outline? The ink which is used in such markers is simply not safe from human skin and is not worth experimenting with.

beauty hacks

5. Applying  hairspray on the skin

Would you believe it but beauty hacks claim that using hairspray on a face with makeup, helps the makeup stay on longer? There’s simply no evidence to back this up and on the contrary, you will have drier skin and clogged pores if you actually use it.

6. Using heated eyelash curlers

A beauty hack that’s been doing the rounds for some time now claims that using heated eyelash curlers is the best way to get eyelashes that resemble a doll’s. Truth is that you’re only likely to burn your eyes or the skin near your eyes if you attempt anything like this. So, beware!

7. Applying petroleum jelly to eyelashes to make them appear longer

Petroleum jelly is so handy for a multitude of things but if applying some on just to make your eyelashes appear longer was the intention, then it’s best avoided. You’ll only end up with irritated eyes and tiny boils which will make your eyes itch.

8. Dabbing mouthwash on the skin for clearer skin

Beauty hacks claim that washing the face with diluted mouthwash everyday can help in maintaining clear skin. But here’s the thing- mouthwash was designed for the mouth and definitely not for delicate skin! So unless you love skin reactions or red rashes, say no to this.

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