8 Dupatta Draping Styles You Would Want To Experiment With

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Dupatta is a must have accessory in Indian weddings whether you wear an anarkali or a lehenga suit. Today we are presenting 8 gorgeous dupatta draping styles we have handpicked for you from Pinterest. Have fun experimenting with them…

1. Like A Stole Or Shawl

dupatta draping styles

Image: via Fashionfiza

This is an ideal style for your winter wedding wear. Wrap the net dupatta around both shoulders where it cascades down in layers to showcase the lehenga/anarkali’s embellishments beautifully. This style of draping a dupatta is also perfect for outdoor wedding venues.

2.  Around The Wrist

dupatta draping styles

Image: Fashionfiza

Wrap the dupatta around the right or left wrist once or twice and showcase your lehenga/anarkali suit’s neckline style gorgeously. This is an ideal pose for your wedding photos.

3. Around The Arm And Across One Shoulder

dupatta draping styles

Image: Manndola

Be the graceful and elegant bride as you greet your near and dear ones in this traditional style of dupatta draping. Take one side of the duppatta across a shoulder and wrap the other end across the forearm on the other side.

4. Looped In The Bun

draping styles for duppattas

Image: FabehaOnline

This is another great style of dupatta draping which does not include a complete veil-like drape but a partial looping in the bun or braid. The other end of the dupatta is draped gracefully around the wrist.

5. Classic – Over The Head Style

dupatta draping styles

Image: Pinterest

This is a traditional style of dupatta draping with Mughal inspired elements. The dupatta covers the head in form of a veil and the remainder is draped across the shoulder like a cascading waterfall or curtain. An ideal pose for photos.

6. Traditional Gujrati Style of Dupatta Draping


Image: Bollywood Vogue

In this style of dupatta draping inspired by traditional Gujarati style of sari draping, you take the dupatta from the backside, tuck one end in the lehenga skirt on one side while the other end cascades gracefully in front over the shoulder on the opposite side.

7. Around Both Wrists

dupatta draping

Image: SuitAnarkali

Keep the dupatta out of your way by draping both ends around both the wrists. This is another perfect style to show off your anarkali or lehenga suit having beautiful embroidery work.

8. Classic Double Dupatta With Veil

dupatta draping styles

Image: FashionToHealth

In this style, you use two dupattas-one of which is transparent and covers the head completely while the other heavier dupatta is draped across the shoulders. This is an ideal style for traditional weddings or even for ceremony held in winter.

Comment below as to which dupatta draping style you love! Also let us know your own unique style of dupatta draping!

Main Image: PeachMode

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