8 Last Moment Bridal Shopping Tips for Super-busy Brides

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So, distribution of the wedding cards has started already, wedding planners will begin working on the pandal and decorations in a few days, everybody in the house is on an ultra-active mode. After all, there are just few weeks left for the wedding. But,the biggest headache remains that you are yet to go for your bridal shopping. You seem to be just one inch away from pushing the panic button. In such a situation, here is all you need to know to smoothly finish your last moment bridal shopping.

Read these 8 last moment bridal shopping tips for super-busy brides-

bridal shopping tips

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1. Create a List

You have a huge list of things to buy including the bridal wear, trousseau etc and you find youself running out of time. So, bring out the organizer within you and amaze everybody around. Your first step towards success should be creating a list. Sit, think and create a list of everything you need.

2. Use Technology

Make the most of your smartphone and go hunting online for a smart bridal shopping bargain. If not anything, you can check what’s available and where by using popular shopping apps. In fact, nowadays, all leading fashion designers and bridal stores have their own website and apps. So, you can easily place order for your designer wear online. Nothing saves time and, in some cases, money more than online shopping.

3. Arrange Trials at Home

“Online shopping is okay, but, trials?” Yes, trial can be a headache for many. In fact, it is the most important factor while shopping your bridal wear. If you are going the designer way, then you have an advantage here. All the small and big designer brands entitle their prized clients to have trials at home at their own convenience. Try that!

last minute bridal shopping tips

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4. Use Lunch Break Wisely

For a super-busy woman going to be a bride in a few weeks, lunch breaks can be a great deal for going out and getting the last minute shopping done. So, create a calendar according to your time availability and use each lunch break wisely. You can also take your colleagues to accompany you in your bridal shopping. No leaves, no missing meetings: Happy boss, happy you!

5. Seek Help from Friends

If you are too busy with your deadlines, ask your BFFs to come to your rescue. There are always a few things like matching accessories etc which do not necessarily need your presence in shopping, but, equally need special attention. Or, maybe, the altered dresses or shoes need to be picked up. Create a list of all such items and ask your friends to shop for these items.

6. Forget DIY Plans

You are already running late. So, pack all your DIY plans for dresses or cards or the table names up for this time.

last minute bridal shopping tips

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7. Save Yourself from Exhaustion

While it is very important to finish your bridal shopping, you must not also exhaust yourself just before your wedding. So, between all the hurried shopping trips and trials, take time to rest and reset.

8. Eat Well

As your lunch breaks are going to be packed with shopping tasks, do not skip your meals at any cost. This is as important as shopping your bridal trousseau.

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