8 Lies Bollywood Tells Us About Weddings

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Bollywood inspires us in so many ways. From our wardrobes to music playlists, B-town rules it all. It is also true that we tend to suspend disbelief while watching superhit Bollywood flicks. We understand certain creative liberties need to be taken just for the sake of entertainment. But, when it comes to Bollywood weddings, movies feed us with many lies or myths. Yes- we often wish these wedding myths were real; but unfortunately, they are not. Here our take on the 8 lies Bollywood tells us about weddings-


bollywood wedding misconceptions

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1. Friends can sacrifice their marriage and love on your Wedding Day

For the sake of friendship/love/family or anything else. Yes, two friends fall in love with the same man/woman and then right on the wedding day, one of them finds out the truth and has no qualms sacrificing his/her love to unite the true lovers. Surprisingly, everything happens when the wedding rituals are in progress. More surprisingly, the parents and guests appear to be quite cool about the last minute changes.

2. Every guest knows the impromptu dance steps

Yes, no rehearsals, no choreographer’s supervision required! All the wedding guests instantly pick up your impromptu song and dance, and start matching steps with you. You will be amazed to see so many Prabhu Devas and Saroj Khans dancing with you.

bollywood wedding myths

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3. That your Ex will join in the celebration too


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