8 Prewedding Social Media Mistakes Couples Should Avoid

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How long have you been waiting to change your relationship status on Facebook? The engagement ceremony is just over and you cannot wait to grab your smartphone and let the world know about it. Hold on for a second! While it is absolutely a fantastic piece of news to share with friends and family (using social media), think whether you are 100% sure of doing this. Yes, in this digital age , it is important to know some very important wedding-social-media-etiquette (or weddingquettes as we like to call em!) which are necessary to prevent embarrassment. Read to know more about the 8 pre-wedding social media mistakes couples should totally avoid –

1. Make a rush announcement: While everybody can understand the joy that you cannot hide anymore, do think about the people who will not be invited to your wedding. Also think about your as-yet-single-friends. These things can even create some confusion (and to an extent some envy) among your friends . Why not save yourself from all these issues by refraining from making public announcements? It is best to send a private messages to specific people who are really important in your life.

2. Invite ’em all: Yes, it will be even more troublesome if, to avoid confusion and heartbreaks, you end up leaving a “come one, come all” sort of open-invitation to all your social media contacts.

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3. Share all the details: While it’s good to share moments with your friends in Facebook or Instagram, do not share news and photos in tidbits as it will kill the surprise. Specially, do not share photos of your wedding dresses or jewelry ahead.

4. Allow everybody to post your photos: If you had a grand engagement, probably, your friends and colleagues were invited who might  have taken loads of photographs.  Do not forget to request them not to post the photos. Rather, they could share some of the photos with you and you could create an album later. The same is applicable for your wedding day as well.

5. Whatsapping on the wedding day: It is your wedding day and you should be enjoying it. If you waste the moments by chatting on Whatsapp or by continuously posting photos in Instagram, you are going to regret this later simply because you are not being in the present moment. So plan ahead to not use your phone except for making (or accepting) emergency calls.

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6. Chatting with each other on wedding day: Bride and groom both should discuss this point before the wedding day. Both of you must try to refrain from communicating with each especially via social media on the very day.

7. Announcing it on LinkedIn: Well, unless you want your extended professional contacts know about this latest update, it’s good to avoid this professional platform for sharing such personal information.

8. Getting too personal: You two are definitely engaged now and will be married in a couple of months. So, obviously, romance is brewing between you two. But, if it is not absolutely necessary to post your pictures of “togetherness” every other day on Facebook, do avoid that. Keep those moments between yourself and your partner as your friends may get bored seeing your cozy pics every now and then.

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