8 Things You Must Do The Night Before Your Wedding

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  1. Keep your phone on charging

You must have drained the battery of your phone receiving wishes. Now, do you really need to charge your phone for the wedding day? Not really, but you do need it immediately after it’s over. That’s when you can read all the messages, check your email and do other stuff.

  1. Spend quality time with your mother

It will be your last night as a single woman-why not revisit your childhood and sleep near your mommy dearest? You’ll have many roles to play from the next day onwards. This is a good time to cherish the bond between you and your mother. Coming back to your mother after your wedding will never be the same.

8 Things to do the night before your Wedding

  1. Moisturise your skin well

It is very important that you keep your skin well moisturised. If there is a certain product that best suits you, make sure you have it handy. Also keep more than one pack of that product. In the hustle bustle of the wedding, brides often misplace their personal belongings with a friend or relatives, never to be found again. Keeping your body moisturised is as important as the face. Apply sumptuous quantity of body lotion to your body.

  1. Wash your hair

Every hair stylist will remind you about this. But it is indeed very important to wash your hair just on the eve of your wedding. This leaves your hair ready to be styled with ease the next day. Do not condition your hair. Only wash it with a shampoo. Conditioning hair makes it silky and  difficult to handle. Don’t worry about the shine; the stylist will have all necessary products to make your hair look glossy.

8 Things to do the night before your Wedding

  1. Be careful about what you eat

Don’t stuff yourself with too many goodies. In fact; eat just enough so you aren’t too full. Relatives and friends tend to feed extra keeping in mind the next day is full of activity. You could  feel queasy the next day or, worst, fall sick. Also be careful of any allergens.

  1. Spend some time with you parents and siblings

Keep some time dedicated to your immediate family. (No friends allowed). This time is just for your parents and siblings. You can use this time to thank them.

8 Things to do the night before your Wedding

  1. Limit the intake of alcohol 

If you are fond of a drink or two, this sure is not the night. We recommend abstaining from alcohol altogether, but if it is too unbearable, keep the intake  limited. Do not let friends take over.

  1. Try to sleep for minimum 6-7 hours

This sleep is crucial. The anxiety levels are very high. Yet to look your best and sustain the day long ceremonies, it is  necessary that you try to sleep at least 6-7 hours. Try a hot water shower to calm your nerves and help you fall asleep.

8 Things to do the night before your Wedding

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