8 Timeless Indian Wedding Desserts

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India is home to a fairly huge number of diabetic patients but that hasn’t had any impact whatsoever on an Indian’s love for sweet somethings. Be it traditional mithai, creamy ice-cream, gooey souffles, English cakes or even a cream bun- we Indians all have our individual favourites. If you’ve attended weddings in the recent past, you might have noticed that irrespective of how good or bad the main course is, it’s the desserts served that really bring a smile to one’s face. So much so that the desserts served can either earn the newly-wed couple the tag of having hosted a successful wedding or an unsuccessful one. Here are our top 8 picks of Indian wedding desserts that are timeless and which you can never go wrong with:

1. Gajar Ka Halwa

indian wedding desserts

Image courtesy Cooking From Heart

We love our halwas and a halwa of some sort always appears at an Indian wedding. By serving gajar ka halwa, you make the health aficionados smile too, not to forget the uncles and aunties.

2. Kulfi

indian wedding desserts

Image courtesy Maharaja Icecream

Call it the Indian ice-cream, but a well churned malai kulfi remains one of the top Indian wedding desserts to make an appearance. Matka kulfi is very convenient to serve and is a really good way of cooling the body from within.

3. Gulab Jamun

indian wedding desserts

Image courtesy Bombays Chutney

Those pretty little brown balls of yumminess soaking up sugar syrup are high in calories but are a favourite at weddings. Dessert chefs love to keep a hidden ingredient like an almond or even folded rose petals inside the balls, which one can bite into.

4. Jalebis

indian wedding desserts

Image courtesy Ruchiskitchen

Indian wedding desserts which can be prepared freshly and served are becoming a rage. Nothing like watching guests bite into a hot jalebi with some phirni or cream as an accompaniment.

5. Shrikhand

indian wedding desserts

Image courtesy Flavouroma

Who knew milk could taste this good but shrikhand is the undisputed queen of desserts in weddings across Maharashtra and Gujarat. They can be served in a variety of flavours and are best relished when eaten chilled.

6. Shahi Tukda

indian wedding desserts

Image courtesy Hindi Tips

Shahi Tukda is the Indian answer to the English bread pudding. Best served hot, this Indian wedding dessert was first brought in by the Mughals. Rich and creamy, this dessert is a favourite in winter months.

7. Fusion Cupcakes

indian wedding desserts

Image courtesy The Food Kiosk

What do you get when you merge a touch of the west with dollops of the East? You get amazing Indian wedding desserts which have the best of both worlds. Cupcakes as a dessert are very versatile and light on the tastebuds. Fusion cupcakes include flavours like carrot halwa cupcakes, kesar badam cupcakes with shrikhand frosting and mawa cupcakes with rose vanilla frosting.

8. Fusion Cheesecakes

indian wedding desserts


Image courtesy Savoury and Sweet Food

So, you wanted to serve cheesecake but you’re looking for flavours that will bowl your guests over. Say hello to fusion cheesecakes! Dessert connoisseurs have given the humble cheesecake a makeover by introducing flavours like gulab jamun cheesecake, jalebi cheesecake and rasmalai cheesecake. Yes, there’s even kesar pista mousse which is as yummy as it sounds!

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