8 Ways To Pay Tribute To Lost Loved Ones On The Wedding Day

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A wedding ceremony is a special occasion and not having a much loved family member by your side as you say your vows will undoubtedly hurt. But here’s the thing- even if your loved one isn’t by your side to cheer for you as you walk down the aisle, there are still so many ways in which you can pay tribute to their memory on your wedding day.

Remembering the loss of a loved one is a very personal thing and everybody has a different idea on how to deal with such a deep loss. Some couples may prefer to keep it private whereas others may prefer to show how much their presence is missed in a more open manner. Here are 8 ways in which you can pay tribute to a family member or a loved one:

1. Use a Heirloom


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If you have lost a family member, you can pay tribute by wearing something that belonged to that person. It could be a brooch, a piece of jewellery, even a hairpin or a small keepsake.

2. Use Their Gift


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Assuming that you were gifted something small by the lost family member, you can use the occasion of your wedding ceremony to bring out their gift. A good example is a pair of glasses or any gifted pieces of jewellery.

3. Keep a Vacant Chair


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Since all your guests will be seated, why not keep a vacant chair to honour the memory of the family member with a single flower or even a framed photo on it? It will make you feel like the person is very much there.

4. Light a Lantern


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Have a lit lantern on the table where the newlywed couple are sitting in remembrance of the departed soul.

5. Keep a Moment of Silence


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A good way to show that the family member is remembered before the ceremony begins is to have a moment of silence so that respects can be paid accordingly.

6. Wear their favourite Flowers


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A sweet way to pay tribute to the loss of a loved one is to ensure that your bridal bouquet has their favourite blooms. Or get the stage decorated with the flowers they loved when they were around.

7. Keep Framed Photos


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If there is more than one family member you may have lost (yes, from the groom to be’s side as well), then have a separate photo table at the entrance so that their memory lives on.

8. Give a Small Speech


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It’s customary for a short speech to be made after the wedding ceremony is over. A nice subtle touch would be to include the name of the deceased family member and to say a few words about them before the rest of the programme begins. You could also include a special mention of the elders in the audience who may have travelled from far to be with you on your special day.

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