8 Wedding Budget Mistakes Every Bride Should Avoid

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Let’s be honest- you may have the entire wedding all nicely planned in your head, but unless you put down those thoughts to paper, there’s a good chance you will end up overspending for things you don’t really need to. Just like a monthly budget is a must in your personal life, so is a proper wedding budget. Planning a wedding isn’t as easy as it appears and with so many bridal magazines available and tons of bridal trends doing the rounds, it’s easier to get swayed by all that’s pretty and glossy and harder to stay focused on what really matters.

No, we don’t want you to have a drab wedding although it’s more than ok if you choose to have a low-key ceremony like so many modern brides choose to do. We want you to plan for a wedding that’s chock full of special moments, with fun, with laughter, with heaps of little details that make the girl in you feel like a princess and of course which fits the budget too. So, irrespective of whether the two families are jointly footing the wedding ceremony bill, whether you and your partner have mutually decided to take care of the expenses or even if everybody near and dear plans to contribute to the kitty to make your wedding spectacular, this two-part article is for anybody who has a say in the financial aspects of the wedding. So here are the top 8 wedding budget mistakes to avoid:

Not Being Organised

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So, what does wedding planning have to do with being organised you may ask? The answer is – Everything! We suggest using Google Spreadsheets to create an exclusive wedding budget page and authorizing a few family members ( the ones who will be taking care of the bills) to add, edit, delete and to make changes to this specific page as and when required. It doesn’t matter if all of you are sitting in different parts of the globe because all of you can stay abreast of what needs to be done, any decisions that have already been taken and the planning work that lies ahead. Like we said, it’s not enough to have the wedding plan in your head; put it down on paper and attach a value to it to get an estimate of how much you are likely to spend.

Avoiding Advice From Other Brides

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It doesn’t matter if you have attended your fair share of other weddings and didn’t really think much about them, because you didn’t think it was worth finding out the smaller details. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn about wedding budget mistakes just by asking around. Even if you decide not to go with the decisions taken by other brides with respect to vendors, florists etc, at least you’ll know what NOT to do and WHO to avoid. And trust us, that kind of knowledge is simply invaluable!

Not Taking Comparison Quotes

wedding budget mistakes

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A huge wedding budget mistake that many brides and grooms make is that they tend to take a quote from just one event planner or vendor instead of taking price comparisons from a minimum of three vendors. Yes, meeting vendors in person and then talking business with them no doubt requires a certain amount of effort from your side but if you are serious about cutting down unnecessary costs and getting the most bang for each buck, then that calls for some research from your side. Avoid taking the easy route out and talk to vendors in person.

We’ll be back with more wedding budget mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to your own wedding!

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