9 Wedding Trends That Need To Be Retired Now

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Wedding trends come and go and yet a few of such trends have managed to hang around for so long that they are no longer in vogue and have become passé. One of the ironic things about anything that’s trending is that it tends to get overdone within a short span of time. You’ll often find many people wearing the same colour shades just because a celeb was spotted wearing it and hence it’s ‘trending’. Here are 9 wedding trends that need to go away today and which definitely shouldn’t be featured in your upcoming wedding-

1. Marsala

Marsala was Pantone’s colour for the year for 2015 and we spotted it everywhere. It was in your lipstick, handbag, shoes, scarf- you name it and Marsala was there. But so many other wonderful shades have made a grand entry ever since and they deserve to be in the limelight for now. So, move over Marsala.

2. Glitter

Glittery metallic tones were the ‘it’ shade for a long time. This shade also picked up in popularity towards the end of the year since it was the official party season anyways. Wedding themes these days have switched back to pastel and sombre hues, so it’s time to say bye to metal for now.

3. Posed Photos

Candid photo booths entered with a bang and were replicated at weddings all across the country with the only difference being in the kind of props that were handed out. Video booths however are also springing up and many couples seem to prefer more intimate voice messages of cheer and good luck on their special day too.

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4. Floating Flowers/Candles

Floating flowers and candles in mini glass bowls look pretty but that trend needs to go now. Brides, we suggest going with flowing greenery and flowing flowers for a real ethereal look. Experiment boldly with your bridal flowers too.

5. Chalkboard Signages

Funny pop up signages in chalk could be spotted at many weddings across the country usually featuring a caricature of the bride and groom or simply giving directions to a specific spot. Chalk boards really aren’t in vogue anymore and that’s why they’re best avoided.

6. Massive Dessert Choices

Who doesn’t love a massive dessert bar featuring tasty confectionary in all hues and sizes? But here’s the catch- too much dessert is not just expensive for you but also confuses the guests. Going with an option of two and a maximum of four desserts is just right.

7. Red Palette

Red, pink and gold at our traditional weddings are slowly making way for more bolder palette shades in midnight blue, green and purple to name a few. We like the manner in which brides are willing to wear bold shades that are not exactly conventional.

8. Nude Makeup

Nude looks and makeup that’s boring is out and it’s about time too. What we do have is brides sporting nail art, wearing bolder eyeshadow shades and eye make-up that just cannot be missed. Out with the old and in with the new!

9. Elaborate decor

Fresh flowers and elaborate wedding décor is truly outdated and in its place, classier stage decorations, smaller floral arrangements and even synthetic flowers are making a comeback. It’s great for the environment too.

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