A Bride’s Guide to Beautiful Feet and Picking The Right Wedding Shoes

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A bride is meant to look beautiful from her head to her toes on her wedding day. Many give a great deal of importance to their face, skin, attire and hair-and rightly so. But when it comes to one’s feet…

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…brides often fall short. Many consider the fact that Indian wedding dresses fall all the way down to the floor; naturally, one’s feet are not really noticed. But, Indian brides must consider post-wedding rituals like toppling the rice Kalash on entering the husband’s home for the first time. This occasion is definitely photo-worthy, so every bride must ensure having beautiful feet for the occasion. Feet with cracked heels are definitely not going to look very attractive, are they? Many brides also opt for Mehendi designs on their feet and legs in addition to their hands. Naturally, it helps having healthy and beautiful feet. Moreover, many brides need advice when it comes to picking the right bridal footwear. So, in this article we shall present some expert tips in taking care of one’s feet and also for picking the perfect Indian wedding shoes.

  • Start taking care of your feet at least weeks (if not months in advance). A vitamin rich diet is definitely recommended for healthy and soft skin on the feet.
  • File away dry skin using a file/pumice stone etc.
  • Moisturize your feet every night, and if needed, cover with thick socks overnight. This helps the skin absorb nutrients. Vaseline, petroleum jelly etc are all very effective for dry heels.
  • Set aside a budget for regular foot massages and pedicures.
  • Foot masks made with warm olive oil are also effective in giving you soft and smooth feet.

Now we shall discuss some bridal shoe buying tips:

Are you comfortable in heels?

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  • Comfort of the bridal shoes is the most important factor for selection. You are going to be standing a lot throughout the duration of the wedding ceremony/reception. So make sure that you try on your shoes, walk in them and that they fit ultra comfortably. Remember the rule: If you cannot wiggle your toes in your shoes-they are not a good fit!
  • When opting for closed shoes, never choose plastic or other synthetic materials like vinyl; these do not allow your feet to breathe.
  • Choose shoes that go well with your attire and theme-It is important that you buy the shoes which suit your wedding colors/themes.
  • Most brides opt for Mehendi on their feet and legs. Naturally, it helps if your shoes are open and display the henna patterns beautifully.

Dancing Shoes

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  • Buy more than one pair. If you are planning on dancing during your Sangeet ceremony, you would want to wear comfortable shoes which allow that, preferably ones without heels. Additionally, you would want to keep an extra pair or two too, in event something happens to one of them. Many brides opt to buy different pairs for different ceremonies, and that is indeed the sensible thing to do. Set aside a budget beforehand, so you do not stretch it.
  • Many brides choose to buy their wedding shoes at the same time as they buy the dress. This is a good idea as it helps one with alterations and length adjustments of the gowns and lehengas.
  • Consider the groom’s height-Brides often love heels, but definitely would not want to tower over their grooms on the wedding day.
  • Consider buying shoe- inserts (if your shoe-style allows that) -these help rest the balls of your feet.
  • Shoe shopping must be done a few months prior to the event. This can help one with returns and exchanges if necessary.

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What are your experiences as far as buying bridal shoes is concerned? How do you help ensure that your feet are ready for your D-day? Do let us know!

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