Solve Your Wedding Gifting Dilemma With The MyPoolin App

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The following is a guest post from one of our readers, Dev.

Dev faced a dilemma as to what to gift his best buddy for his wedding. Here, he narrates his experience and how he and his friends found the right gifting solution through MyPoolin Plan And Pay With Friends Adroid App

My best friend Anand got married in December last year. We went to the same college, stayed in the same hostel and have been working in the same company for over a year. He always wanted to be a sailor. He loves ships, cruises and the sea but ended up working in the IT sector like most of our other friends. He was the first to get hitched in our friend circle so naturally we had scores of super excited crazy common friends.

We extensively researched fixed the perfect venue, wedding photographers and stylists. Just days before the big day we went on a gift searching spree.

Fun Fact: My Mom got 5 Pressure Cookers on her wedding in the late 80’s!!! She cribs about them till this date and so do many other newlyweds when they receive multiple gifts they don’t need.

We were all freaking out about the perfect wedding gifts for the occasion. It wasn’t that deciding what to give him turned out to be a hassle but also the cost of the gift.

Indian wedding gifts

  1. It should be practical, something that they would use.
  2. The gift shouldn’t seem cheap. I wonder what others would be gifting.
  3. What if someone else already got this for them???

That’s when we decided – instead of giving small mundane gifts we will gift him something together, something he would truly cherish. Next, we ardently searched for trending and inspiring gifts on Google. Some of them were really epic!!!

 Luckily we then stumbled upon the perfect present – A cruise for the couple around the Indian Ocean!!!    We knew that nothing else could be better than this as Anand always wanted to sail across the Indian coastline. The cruise piqued our curiosity and we immediately started contacting travel agencies, websites and local shops to know the details. As expected it involved a handsome amount of money.

 Indian wedding gift vouchers-cruise vouchers

A Romantic Cruise around the Indian Ocean

We were unsure how we would collect the money as we all lived in different cities, who would keep a track of it and moreover, who do we transfer it to? We knew there must be a solution online. We googled – ‘Pool Money Online India’ and thankfully found a much smarter and practical way to gift something amazing while making our job 100 times easier.

MyPoolin – One Place to Plan & Pay with Friends.

I created a group on the MyPoolin app and invited 11 friends through my phone’s contact list with a simple tap. All of us chipped in whatever we could individually pay and ended up with a handsome amount. The money collected was used to buy the romantic cruise around India’s coastline!! We bought the package directly by taking a MakeMyTrip online gift card of the exact amount collected through the app itself.

We could’ve also simply cashed out and transferred the money to any of our bank accounts, but the travel voucher seemed like a faster and convenient alternative.

It’s amazing how technology has made our lives easier in every aspect of our lives – even wedding gifts!!! We didn’t just gift the perfect vacation; but also got a chance to enjoy the pre-wedding festivities instead of fretting about gifts! 

The writer of this post is Dev Sharma who has used the MyPoolin-Plan and Pay with friends App of which you can get details here.

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