Achal & Hena’s Beach Side Surprise Proposal!

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Hena and Achal Shah got engaged last year and it was an arranged-marriage set up. Naturally, Hena wasn’t expecting Achal to propose romantically which is what makes this pre-wedding shoot oh, so sweet! Read how it all went down, in Hena’s words:

Says Hena:

Our Roka (God-dhana in Gujarati culture) happened in December last year in India while we both live here in the US. Ours was an arranged setting. He still wanted to go down on a knee and propose to me so he told my dad that we wouldn’t do a ring ceremony in India. All of a sudden he one day tells me to get dressed for a pre-wedding photoshoot. My cousin is a photographer so she takes me to this beach. I see him and all our family and friends in a tent with all rose petals and candles. And then there’s a sign that says “will you marry me?” while he is on his knee with a ring in his hand. My cousin has the ring my dad got made for him and so we exchange rings there! I had never expected that I would get a proposal because he is not my boyfriend and we were not dating. In a typical arranged marriage scenario, you meet each other, roka happens and then get married. I was taken by surprise. His name is Achal and my name is Hena. 
Location Long Branch Beach, New Jersey.
Images courtesy Rahul Shah Photography and Vaishali Patel Photography
Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We wish them a very happy life ahead! Want to submit your professionally shot pre-wedding/wedding/engagement/honeymoon pictures/videos to us for publication? Simply email us the details at [email protected]! Get details here.

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