9 Adorable Anklets To Suit Every Occasion

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beautiful moti ankletsadorable anklets

For some pretty accessories on your feet, turn on to the most eye catching foot jewellery…the anklets!!Anklets or ankle bracelets have been in vogue since centuries and is not a passing fad. With innovations in its designs and style, they have taken a totally new avatar. When coordinated stylishly with the attire, it can make you appear like a fashionista. Also known as the pajeb or jhanjar, it has become a fashionable accessory in modern times and compliments every look, be it formal or casual. With artistic designs and a comfortable fit, anklets add an exotic touch to give you the complete look. We have here for you an exotic collection of stylish anklets. Deeply rooted in the Indian culture, this dainty piece of jewellery has adorned the feet of women all over the world. Whether you are heading for a holiday, getting married or just want to make your feet look good, wearing anklets will do that special trick.
These all time favourite gold anklets that go well with heavy fabrics are sure to add style to your trousseau.

Gold Anklets

When coordinated with the colour of your dress, these silver ones will look wonderful.

Silver anklets

Beaded and coloured stone with layers of chains give a bohemian look.

Beaded anklets

Add something special with classy anklets and let your hair loose on a beach theme party. They look amazing because of the toe ring attached with a string.

Stylish anklets

A toe ring attached  is a popular take on the anklet. Mix and match the trinkets and evolve a style of your own.

Anklet with toe ring

Do not limit your choice to gold and silver anklets. Try these pearl beauties for any casual or formal function.

Pearl anklet

Crystal pair with small trinkets attached to it give the perfect feminine look and are here to stay.

Crystal anklets


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