All that glitters isn’t yellow gold

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Gold is by far one of the most favourite metals on earth, but did you know that there are many varieties of yellow gold which look just as pretty and are much more unique? So, instead of opting for the usual yellow gold and diamond ring, you might want to consider any one of the just as wonderful options below:



White Gold: If you thought that everybody loved the yellow tint of gold, then you’re wrong otherwise white gold would never have been discovered! With the value of actual yellow gold and with the look of silver, white gold just contains one or two added metals to give it a different colour. Usually, manganese or nickel and sometimes copper or zinc are also added.


Pink Gold: Just as with white gold, pink gold too has won over couples far and wide and today, this lovely hued gold often denotes love. Made from an alloy comprising of 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver, pink gold is often used along with yellow gold to create a contrast and a unique design. It’s perfect for betrotheds who aren’t too keen on yellow gold.


Red Gold: 75% of yellow gold and is mixed with 25% copper to give the resulting alloy a copper coloured hue. Just a tad deeper than pink gold, red gold is also a good option for an engagement ring. Thanks to its unusual colour, it stands out and comes in many interesting designs for both men and women as well.

These differently coloured gold alloys are usually available in 14k and 18k designs and are also valued in karats, just like yellow gold. And yes, besides on engagement rings, they look dazzling and classy when used in watches as well. No wonder, they’re such favourites with designer jewellery brands.

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