Ask the Expert: “How Do We Ace Our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?”

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Not everyone is comfortable before the camera. When faced with the thought of looking photogenic in the pre-wedding album,  many couples-to-be wonder: “How can we ace our pre-wedding photoshoot?” Creative & Candid Wedding Photographer Bhaven Jani addresses this question.


“One of the most fashionable aspects of contemporary wedding photography in India is the pre-wedding photoshoot. Also referred to as an Engagement shoot in the West, it is a couple shoot, done prior to the wedding, mostly in an outdoor location. For those who aren’t sure why they should go for it, there are several merits.
  •  First and foremost, you will get amazing stylish, natural shots.
  • It’s also  an opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and his/her style of shooting.
  • A good photographer will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and guide you through the process. It helps establish a rapport before the actual wedding day.
There are no rules for this shoot, except that it’s supposed to be casual, stylish and lots of fun. However, a bit of planning helps ensure that you come home with great images. As a couple you should bring your touch to it by contributing to three primary aspects: Location, Clothing and Props.
  • Discuss with each other if you have a favourite location, it could be a park where you met when dating, or the college campus where you met. Greenery and colourful flowers add that touch of romance and light-heartedness to the pics. Shooting in historic locations or run-down city areas gives a urban-grunge look, which can look very attractive too.
  • Carry at least 2-3 changes in clothes. Mix in traditional and formals. Don’t miss out on a causal jeans and T-shirt if that’s where you are most comfortable. Variety is the key here.
  • Unless you have a specific theme, a pre-wedding photoshoot is all about getting stylish romantic pics. But you can make it more interesting by adding props. A guitar, scarf/dupatta, college books, gifts that you shared etc, any item that you can relate to.
_MG_6352_ShreyBhawna_PreWedding_2013-11-17_©BhavenJani_2013 _MG_5037_DimpyPrashant_PreWedding_2014-01-11_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_3452_SeemaMohinder_PreWedding_2014-01-01_©BhavenJani_2014
 Let your hair down, enjoy and have fun. Be ready to run around trees, jump from a wall, do crazy things. Most important, be relaxed. Don’t put yourself under pressure. Rarely does a pre-wedding shoot go wrong. Sleep well on the previous day so that you look bright and fresh. Apply a bit of make up – you are going to be on camera:). Its okay to feel shy, you’ll soon open up and get comfortable”.
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About the photographer: Bhaven Jani is a creative and candid wedding photographer. He offers a complimentary pre-wedding photoshoot to all couples who book him for their Wedding events.  He uses this opportunity to get to know the couples, their comfort level and also to establish chemistry with them, which usually translates into great images.

Bhaven believes that a pre-wedding photoshoot also has a side benefit in that; by the time he reaches the wedding couple’s place to cover the actual wedding events, all of their  friends & family are eagerly awaiting  him, as they are thoroughly impressed by the pre-wedding images. This helps him get quick acceptance as a photographer who knows how to do his job.

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