Ask The Expert: What Can I Expect At My Bridal Makeup Trial?

You have sorted your wedding saris, shoes and jewellery; now all you need to do is get ready for the bridal makeup. Some brides wrote in to us about their hair care complaints as well as questions pertaining to their wedding trial makeup sessions. So we went ahead and compiled all those questions and sent them out to our expert, Swati Gupta, the Creative Director at Bodycraft Spa & Salon in Bangalore. Swati is a certified makeup artist who has trained with reputed international names like Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon and the Greasepaint Academy, London, Australia and Singapore. We are very grateful to Swati for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer our reader queries: 

1) What can I do to care for my tresses in the months or weeks leading up to my wedding day?

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A bride-to-be should start her hair care regime at least two months in advance. Be it a haircut, trim, smoothening or colouring; all of it takes time to settle and look extraordinary. ​So, the sooner it is done, the better the impact of it would be. Also keeping hair hydrated and nourished is extremely essential – maintain your hair and get regular hair spas at least once in two weeks. This will ensure that you get silky smooth hair which will look fabulous in the photo albums. 

2) I am going for a wedding makeup trial-what can I expect?

ask the expert-what to expect at a makeup trial before the wedding

Go with an open-mind; you may have certain ideas in your mind, but the person helping you is a professional and will understand what looks much better on you. They have experience with a lot of other factors like what looks good in photographs, what can go wrong or what colours are apt for which kind of skin tone. Give them your ideas, take their thoughts into consideration; and come up with something unique for yourself.​ The trial before the wedding ensures there are no errors in the final outcome. 

3) What are some dos and don’ts for a destination wedding as far as my makeup and hair go?

ask the expert-how can i prepare for a destination wedding

Plan your makeup and hair as per the weather of the destination wedding. If ​you have planned a beach wedding​ for yourself, ​experiment with a lot of wavy hair​dos ​accessorized ​with flowers ​or a fish-braid adorned with colourful roses. Do keep your ​makeup soft with a lot of blush pink and subtle eyes. For other locations, ​keep in mind the temperature and do implement local traditions. For Udaipur, your makeup and hair can be that of a typical Rajasthani bride with lots of colour, bright red lipstick and heavy jewellery. If you’re opting for a wedding abroad, go for an off white or beige lehenga/gown, soft makeup, in nude blush, open hair and a few hair accessories to go with it.

4) I always have issues with hair removal, particularly the underarms where I have ingrown hair. Are there any methods to avoid that?

ask the expert-how to deal with ingrown hair?

​There are two options you can opt for- one would be a long-term solution where 6-8 months prior you can choose to go for a laser treatment that will not only reduce hair growth but will also give you a smooth skin for a very long time. Otherwise you can also opt for treatments that reduce in-growth hair and exfoliate your skin making you wedding-ready. ​ 

​5) Are mani and pedicures must have before the big day?

are manicure and pedicure a must have before the wedding

​Manicures & Pedicures are the basic hygiene for your hands and feet that are photographed extensively during the entire wedding. Therefore, getting these treatments becomes an absolute necessity. You can either choose to go with basic nail care or choose other interesting options such as fruity manicure & pedicure treatments that add freshness to your skin. Other options include nail art extensions which look gorgeous as well as gel nail paints that stay for a much longer time. Certain treatments can even last up to your honeymoon!

7) Can you give some tips for picking the perfect hair accessories?

ask the expert-are manicure and pedicure a must before the wedding

Your accessories should always go well with your outfits. For your mehendi you can opt for floral jewellery that comes with a matching neck-piece, earrings and a hair band which looks more like a tiara. Otherwise you can go for diamond studded hair brooches that will hold a ponytail or bun together, making it look stunning. ​ If you are having a traditional wedding, you can try temple jewellery pieces in silver or gold that matches with your outfit perfectly. It gives your entire outfit a regal feel.

8) What are the biggest hair trends for 2017-18 weddings?

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​There are a couple of options you can try; if you have long hair, try an array of different braids. You can do a fish braid or a French braid if you have thick hair. Alternatively, you can do the double fish braid and accessorize it with a traditional bow-clip. If your hair is shorter, you can do low buns or a messy bun. If you want to do something very different, try colouring your hair. In case you are hesitant, you can also try spraying a hair strand with one colour or try glitter hairdos; they are the latest trends and looks fantastic in pictures.

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