Ask The Expert: Kajol R Paswwan Bridal MUA Answers Common Bridal Queries

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Today we have expert makeup artist Kajol R Paswwan with us in our office, answering common bridal queries. Kajol is a legend in her own right; she started working as a makeup professional a decade ago and has carved a niche in the industry. Kajol specializes in high definition, flawless makeup and is willing to travel to your wedding venue on your Big Day. To view her complete portfolio and book her services, click here.

1) What are the best bridal hairstyles lately for Indian brides? 

Gone are the days when brides would flaunt a typical bridal bun on their wedding day. However, the recent trend has been to give a twist to the bridal hairstyle with orchids and roses. Brides can choose the colour of the flower depending on their trousseau. For reception, I love to give brides an open hairstyle with beachy waves. Your hairstyle should depend on your face cut. Go for buns if you have a narrow face and long hairdo with soft curls looks fantabulous on broad face.

2) I have short hair. What do you recommend for my bridal hairstyle?

I would recommend you go for messy hair do for your pheras. A good makeup artist would not think about the length of your hair and plan your look. I would always give a hair style depending on your face shape. Also, these days for short hair, there are hair extensions available which add length as well as volume to your hair.

3) I tend to breakout in pimples when stressed. What should I do if that happens on my wedding day?

Kajol R Paswwan bridal makeup artist Mumbai

Aah! The best thing is not to get anxious if pimples breakout. It is natural for all of us to be anxious before the wedding. First of all, rub ice cubes on the areas of breakout. This will help the pimple breakouts to settle down and has a cooling effect. Secondly, DO NOT fret! A good makeup artist should be able to cover all the breakouts without any sign of pimples on the bride’s face. I have had so many clients with blemishes, open pores, pimples but nobody could make out about these on the wedding day. Relax, if you have chosen a good makeup artist you would look flawless and it is beyond our control to cure something which occurs naturally.

4) Which is the best bridal foundation for photos and flash- from my wedding album point of view?

Ask the expert-Kajol R Paswwan bridal makeup artist Mumbai

I would completely lay my bet on Mac studio Sculpt Or Else Bobbie brown Foundation. With good products there is never an oily zone on your face and when the makeup base is good, the makeup looks natural and flawless. Make sure you ask your bridal makeup artist uses these as your makeup base.

5) How can I make my wedding makeup last all day long on my oily skin?

For oily skin, I strongly recommend to start with Gel Primer and Mac fix+ before starting the makeup. This locks up the oiliness and prevents it from spreading over the makeup base.

All images: Kajol R Paswwan

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