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Indian weddings are big  on bling, big on the alcohol, big on food and most important of all, the Indian weddings are big on dancing. Baraat is one of the liveliest traditions of an Indian wedding. It’s procession of friends and relatives of the groom dancing to the resonating tone of dhol and popular Bollywood songs. Both the groom and his horse are covered with all the finery. Baraat proceeds from the groom’s house for the wedding venue.

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Just imagine everybody dressed up in fashionable clothes with all that bling, dancing on the road all the way to the venue of wedding. It is simply a scene to behold. In every baraat, you will notice that the groom’s men are really excited due to the fact that it’s their yaar ki shaadi. There’s also a display of fireworks.

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A groom, can make his day a special one with a grand entry on a horseback, dressed up like a prince. Traditionally decorated red umbrella and a sword can also to add to the splendour. Moreover, umbrella and sword are also symbols of protection and it is believed that both of these help in keeping the evil spirits away. To further add a royale touch to the occasion, the groom may also make his entrance riding on an elephant’s back or a horse driven carriage with some of the the baraatis accompanying him on camels and vintage cars.

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These days people have started opting for battery operated cars that serve snacks and mocktails to the baraatis who are heading towards the wedding venue.  A vanity van can also accompany the baraat, where the guests can easily touch up their makeup in case it is required. Adding these options to your baraat will make it a fusion of contemporary and traditional wedding.

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