Beat The Heat With These Savvy Summer Wedding Ideas

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The summer season is the favorite time of the year for grand Indian weddings. There are more auspicious muhurats available, school vacations are on, and it’s that time of the year when most of India goes into a relaxed frame of mind—ready to enjoy and celebrate. So sit back, take a sip of your favorite thirst quencher, and read how to arrange that perfect Summer Wedding.

The venue

Most places on the Indian map are unbearably hot—not to mention humid and sultry in most places—from April – June. An air-conditioned banquet or party hall is the most preferred venue for a summer wedding. Customize this practical option with your favorite color scheme, fresh flower arrangements, mildly perfumed air, eye-catching centerpieces, and your guests will breathe easy despite the sweltering heat outside.


image: Della Resorts

However, if you still prefer the outdoors, then consider poolside options. The cool aqua shades of the swimming pool provide respite from the blistering sun. With colorful shamianas set up around the pool and air coolers and aqua mists providing scented whiffs of cool air, you can look forward to a comfortable and festive day. Holiday resorts on beaches, near lakes, and in the backwaters can offer a combination of indoor and outdoor venues.

The look and feel

Let a light and airy theme dominate your décor. Choose pastel hues and juxtapose them with brightly colored marigold, jasmine, mogra and other fresh flower arrangements. Artificial water fountains are soothing and refreshing. Free-flowing dupattas in georgette or chiffon—again in pastels and adorned with a bit of bling—will give a breezy feel to the venue. A combination of shades of pink and orange is the perfect mix—traditional, festive, and trendy.


image:  Stonewater Eco Resort

For evening events, create an Arabian Nights ambience of warm Indian summer eves. Use antique styled lanterns to throw out subdued light. Dhurries, throw cushions and low seating arrangements complete the picture. Floating flower arrangements in brass or copper handis add that extra touch. Let the music be soft and seductive so your guests can soak in the atmosphere without getting bothered by the weather.

All through the day, air coolers, mists and mosquito repellent are a must for outdoor / semi-closed venues.

The cuisine

Despite the diktats of the Indian palate, keep the oily, spicy, fatty food to a minimum. Opt for baked varieties. Prefer Indian summer drinks like aam panna, coconut water, kokam, khus, nimboo pani and flavored lassi over aerated drinks and keep them circulating very frequently.

summer drinks at Indian wedding-Sol Kadhi


Salad bars, chaat counters, fresh fruit stalls are great options for a summer menu. Ice-cream, barf ka gola, kulfi vendors can be brought in—not only to bring down the temperature, but also to revive childhood memories for your guests. You could choose to keep the main course dishes to a limited few, and increase these summer-specials, and round it all off with gulkand and coconut paan.

The ensemble

That’s a tricky one! You want to sizzle, but you don’t want to melt in the heat!

Women have it a bit easier than the men here, with airy, backless, or strappy versions of traditional wear. Choose weather-friendly, breathable fabrics and colors. Go in for embroidery and different weaves instead of too much of tinseled embellishment. Keep the gold designs simple and elegant. Hair can be coiffured in styles that leave your neck open. Stay away from fresh flowers for your hair; they will only wilt.



image: Nidhi Kashyap Photographs & Films

Men can choose more elaborate kurtas over close-necked sherwanis. Pick a loose fit so you don’t sweat buckets.

Opt for summer facials before the D-day. Makeup must be subtle. Highlight your eyes and lips rather than layering up on foundation and other face makeup. Choose summer shades of cosmetics in their water (read sweat) resistant varieties. Keep translucent powder, wet wipes, etc. handy to touch up your makeup often.

The weather will be hot, we know. You will look sizzlingly gorgeous, we know. But now you know just how to keep your summer wedding refreshingly cool while having a whole lot of fun in the sun!

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