Beauty Rituals and Skin Care Tips for Summer Brides

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Being a summer bride can be a major challenge. You need to brave the sun, heat, humidity and sweat, among other things. Perhaps the only arsenal you can keep for protecting yourself is a sunscreen with broad spectrum UV protection, sunglasses, umbrella and lots of water. However, these are not enough always. They might offer you some protection, but they won’t make you a glowing summer bride. So here comes the question: what can make you the ultimate summer bride?

Let’s explore a few ways of nailing the summer bride challenge.

How to be the Perfect Summer Bride – Tips and Tricks

1. Beauty rituals to follow a month prior

A good diet that doesn’t have sugar, too much oil or too much spices. Have plenty of fresh juices. Make sure you scrub and apply a natural or herbal face pack twice a week. For a healthy looking hair, start oiling it in every 3 days and use a mild shampoo to clean your hair. If you are struggling with dandruff or hair fall,do use a hair tonic.

2. 15 days prior

Reduce those midnight chat sessions and get your body some good sleep. Sleeping well is as important as applying sunscreen before heading out. Before going to bed, put cucumber slices on your eyes to de-stress them and reduce the dark circles. Start using a hair pack once in a week. Also, don’t forget to keep your body hydrated and lips moist.

3. A week prior

Make a paste of multani mitti, besan and haldi, and apply it daily for 5 mins. For toning your skin, rub one ice cube everyday on the face. Also, make bath oils and body lotion a daily routine. They will keep the skin supple and soft.

Makeup Hacks

  • Do not bleach your face as it can be too harsh for the weather. If you are planning to bleach the skin, do it 3-4 days before the wedding. Waxing cannot be done 24 hours after bleaching.
  • Get a Hair spa the day before.
  •  Before applying nail paint, use a nail nourishment cream as the base.
  • For eyes, some of the perfect colours for the summer are peach, rusty orange and pink. Do not forget to use a waterproof mascara and smudge-free eye pencils.
  • Again the three colours mentioned above rule the summer makeup kit. Use the matte lipsticks with a hint of gloss on the lower lips. It will make your lips fuller.
  • Consider yourself lucky if you have a dry skin. For brides who have oily skin, try to use an oil-free moisturizer. In fact, if possible, use only oil-free and water-based makeup products. Keep a translucent face powder, wet wipes and lots of face tissues handy.
  • For hairstyles, try to tie it up in a bun or something similar to feel a little more comfortable. Remember the hairstyles look good on the pictures, but you have to carry the hairstyle throughout the day. If possible, go for a trial a week prior. Say no to hair extensions or loose hair no matter how appealing it may sound.

We are sure these tips will help you glow in summer!

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