How Not To Become A Bridezilla: Part 1

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There are simply no two ways about it- for 99% of women all around the world, their wedding day IS a big deal! However, we noticed that while many women are happy to play a minimal role with regard to wedding details, there are many others who become over-involved and end up spoiling the beautiful experience of wedding planning itself. And there’s even a term for such brides. They are called ‘Bridezillas’.


How does one define a bridezilla? She is best defined as a bride to be who is obsessed with every aspect of her wedding and who expects nothing less than perfection in everything. Here are a few common ‘symptoms’ that are associated with bridezillas:

–        She believes that nobody else but she is equipped to make the best decisions for the wedding.

–        She may not pitch in any funds herself but may expect her parents and other family members to do so.

–        She wants a wedding that is straight from the pages of her favourite and much glossed over bridal magazines.

–        She may display temper tantrums, sudden migraines, mood swings etc in addition to changing her mind often about wedding details.

–        Her prime focus is only on the wedding day and not on the fact that the relationship is forever.


Without doubt, a bridezilla is a nightmare come true for not just her immediate family members but also for her partner to be, the vendors and especially for the wedding planner if there is one. It’s also not unusual for bridesmaids to constantly complain about how demanding and fussy the bride is, especially when shopping for the perfect wedding saree or gown. In short, everybody dreads being around her!


So, how do you stop yourself just in time from becoming a bridezilla? We’ll be giving you tips on how to stay calm through the entire stressful process of wedding planning in our next two articles, but let’s start off with the most important one:

Seeing beyond the Wedding Day- Bridezillas usually have piles of bridal magazines in which perfect brides wearing the perfect wedding wear and in the most perfect setting are photographed or interviewed. However, once that one day is over, you’ll realise that the world goes on just like before and that the one big change that has happened is you now have a partner for life. Most bridezillas have a hard time adjusting to what comes after the wedding day and although a fairy tale wedding is an exciting place to begin, the real joy comes from the years that lie ahead. Use the time before your wedding to think about the kind of life you want for your partner and yourself and also to prepare for the rough times that may come your way.


We will be back with more tips on how to get through your wedding without becoming a bridezilla, in our next article.

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