Boudoir Photography- The Sexy Shoot Is Here!

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There’s something mysterious about boudoir photography that’s making quiet waves all across the country. In the West, the concept of boudoir photography involves shooting racy photos mostly by the bride, tons of suggestive gestures and plenty of lace for good effect. In India, however, boudoir photography isn’t just about a bride and her many moods. Couples are all for replacing the quirky pre- wedding photography session with the sexier boudoir photo shoot instead.

So, what can you expect from a boudoir photography session? Well, for starters, you don’t have to worry about being photographed in a crowd because such sessions only take place in utmost privacy. In case you want your partner to feature along with you, then it will just be your photographer, your groom and you. Family members are a definite no-no. So, in case you’re planning to have your own steamy boudoir photography session, here are a few tips:

boudoir photography

Image: Wasio Photography

Think of this photoshoot as the perfect time to really let your hair down with your man. No inhibitions, just plenty of fun and special moments that will be shot in private.

Yes, you can have a theme too. In fact, vintage themes like The Great Gatsby and steamier themes like 50 Shades of Grey are immensely popular. But remember, the camera doesn’t lie and only you know what you will and won’t be comfortable with. If involving S & M is way out of your league, you have every right to say so.

boudoir photography

Image courtesy Sylviane Silicani

WE are all pretty conscious about our bodies but when you’re clicking such intimate snaps, your belly fat and other jiggly bits should be the last thing on your mind. Every woman is sexy irrespective of skin tone, colour, size and shape. So, just pout and bring out the hidden goddess in you.

Want to add more drama to each photo? How about getting some props as well? You’ll find lots of naughty add-ons like feathers, quills, pillows, sequins, body glitter, leather accessories and even edible body paints that come in a variety of flavours. Too racy for you? No problem, even harmless props like masks can be lots of fun.

Yes, talking to your partner about what the two of you are comfortable with is the trick to getting the best out of your boudoir photo session. When the two of you put your heads together to plan which pose is likely to look the best, it’s also a wonderful bonding experience.

At the end of the day, your photographer knows what’s best and what to avoid. So, feel free to talk to him or her before commencing the photo session. And yes, we suggest going with any tips your photographer may give you.

Main image courtesy Radhika Pandit

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