Bridal Beauty Basics: 7 Beauty No-Nos Before You Walk Down The Aisle

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As soon as the wedding date gets fixed, million things crop up in your head. How to plan the décor, buy the wedding dresses, fix the menu, and so many other checklists. The task, however, which takes the most time and is of utmost importance in all this is ‘bridal beauty’.

In this month’s bridal beauty basics feature, we are enlisting some bridal beauty no-nos for you –

Say no to stick on henna patterns-There was a time when women used to be crazy about stick on henna patterns, glitter tattoos and the works. But ladies, that was in the past. Let it remain there. Make no attempt to include any stick on art on your wedding day. That is just so not classy anymore.

Say no to too much glitter-Talking of glitter; there are many women who just love glitter in any form-so much so that they tend to overdo it. Since a wedding is a glitzy affair, some inclusion of glitter in the bridal make up is acceptable. For example: you could do a glitter nail art, glitter eye shadow or even a bit of glitter henna but refrain from doing all it together.

bridal beauty makeup no-nos to void

The foundation is not just for the face– If anybody says foundation is only to be applied on face; do not believe them. The foundation must be spread it all over your neck and, if you are wearing a strapless blouse then, even the back and shoulders. Make sure your make-up artist blends it evenly else you would end up looking like a pan cake!

Say no to too much red– We know that red is synonymous to weddings but that doesn’t mean you should overload on this colour. If your outfit does not have a red hue you can include it in its accents and other details such as your makeup-lipstick, jewellery etc.

Do not blindly follow trends- Avoid blindly following trends. What suits others may not necessarily suit you. Always stick to colours and palettes that suit your complexion.

Do not get treatments without expert consultation– Don’t get a facial or bleach or even go in for eyebrow threading just a few days before the wedding. Your skin could get very sensitive post such procedures and there may even be some redness resulting from them. All this would only hinder in getting that perfect look on your wedding day.

bridal invasive skin treatments to avoid

Do not opt for heavy eye makeup without prior trial- No matter how much you love  the ‘smokey eye’ effect, do not get tempted to get it done on your wedding day. It is always a good  idea to have a make-up-trial before the wedding so that you know what suits you.

So now that you know most of the beauty don’ts, we are sure that if you will keep these mind you will be nothing less than a perfect bride on your wedding day.

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