Bridal Body Basics: The Detox

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So, the date has been finalized? Just a few months more and the day will come knocking on your door. And that is how much time you have to slim down and look your beautiful best. For this purpose, detoxification is one of the primary steps. After all, until you flush off the evil toxic elements from your system, your skin and body cannot breathe freely or get back its natural glow. If you are planning to go the detox way as part of your pre-wedding beauty preparation, then here’s everything you need to know about bridal body detoxification….

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of getting rid of all the harmful waste and toxic elements our bodies produce regularly. Digestion and respiration are two of body’s natural process of internal as well as external detoxification. From toxic chemicals, pesticides, metals and other impurities which enter our body through air, water and food get flushed out of the system in this way.

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What are the benefits?

  • Cleanses body from its core cellular level, cleanses skin
  • Boosts your overall system and makes it healthier
  • Increases energy level
  • Improves digestion
  • Cures skin problems, acne etc. and makes the skin glow
  • Keeps a check on weight gain, high blood pressure etc.

What is the method of pre-wedding detox?

Detoxification does not call for rigorous workout routines, anorexic diet charts or anything that may end up draining all your energy out right before the D-day. All that is needed is implementing a couple of healthy habits to one’s diet chart and a bit of regular exercising (45 mins/day) to get detoxified, healthy, happy and glowing on your wedding.

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Ways to Detox:

1. No junk food: The very first step of detox is to ban the word ‘junk’ from your food chart until the wedding. They are the biggest source of toxic elements. Hence, before you clean the system, it’s important to stop letting any more toxic substances entering your body. So say no to cold drinks, added sugar, fries, creams etc.

2. Say no to toxic habits: Caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes are three things which actually can make you look older from inside as well as outside. First they disturb the digestive system, next they disrupt normal sleeping pattern and then they affect your skin and make it look aged.

3. Right fluids: Hydration is the keyword here. You need to keep your body hydrated with lots of fluids but only the right types of fluids i.e. lots of water (8 glasses/day), detox drinks such as green tea, fruit juices without sugar, vegetable juices. Packaged juices, energy drinks etc do not belong to the detox group as they mostly contain added sugar, preservatives etc.

4. Right detox foods: 6 small meals throughout the day consisting fruits, green vegetables, whole grains (avoid refined flour foods) and lemons. Make sure you are having enough antioxidants in your meals.

5. Mental detoxification: Give your body and mind a minimum of 8 hours of sleep everyday. Practice yoga/meditation to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Feeling good has a direct connection with looking good.

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6. Go natural: Remove all the beauty and skin care products which include chemicals as ingredients. Use home remedies and 100% natural/Ayurvedic beauty products instead.

Now you know pre-wedding body detox is so easy that you can Do It Yourself too. Therefore, it’s time for you to make a detox plan and start following it. Get all set to glow on your big day.

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