Bridal Body Basics: The Exercise

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If you are busy practising the new signature, agonizing over the hairstyle or makeup, reading all the bridal how-to’s then, probably, you must be also wondering about how will you look in your wedding attire? Will you look like the Bollywood heroines? Will the photographers and guests secretly laugh at your flabby curves oddly bulging out from beneath the wedding choli or saree? The DSLRs are way too perfect in capturing minute details. Hence, the worry! If that’s your situation then you are one of the thousands of brides getting married every year in India who worry over their weight and shape, and start searching for a “super-effective” workout routine from the day the date gets finalized. If you are reading this article, no prize for guessing, you are one too.

So, how can you get back in shape before the D-day? Let’s look at some of the bridal body basics.

Here are 10 exercise tips that can help tone down your body and make you look slimmer on your special day .

1. Freehand for toned hands: Whether it’s an off-shoulder gown or a short-sleeved choli or blouse, lean arms are all you need to flaunt. Therefore, for sculpted arms, start doing freehand exercises like squats, lunges, crunches, push-ups etc. 8-12 push ups in sets of 2 or 3, twice or thrice each week. Continue this for at least 12 weeks. These are also recommended for chest, triceps and shoulders.

2. Gym workout: This is a tried and tested method for brides to get in shape. You could also ask your trainer to chalk out a workout routine for your individual needs and within a short time, you will start to see results. A word of caution here: if you have never been to the gym before and if only few months are left for the D-Day, it’s best to try out other ways.

3. Yoga: A great way to stay in shape, Yoga is a proven method for losing those extra kilos. However it does not work overnight and you need to practice it regularly for months, even years. Talk to an experienced Yoga teacher about poses that can help you get in shape quickly.

4. Gym ball: If you are a working woman then there’s a high chance you can’t manage enough time to hit the gym daily. This is where a gym ball can come to your rescue.. Replace your chair with this ball and your body will be exercising each minute!

5. Aerobics: Growing more popular every day, aerobics is what many brides opt for fitness as well as fun. Play the peppy Bollywood numbers and dance your way to a toned body. You can even put up a brilliant dance routine to surprise your would-be family and guests.

6. Kickboxing: This might sound a bit un-bride-like, yet, it is highly effective!  Kickboxing is a surefire way to burn hundreds of calories within a short time span. If you don’t want to see the shocked faces of family members, do it secretly behind closed doors.

7. Running: Not only does this activity make your heart stronger, it can even tone your entire body from top to bottom.  Try running on a treadmill if you do not like running outdoors.

bridal body basics-the workout

8. Holistic ways: It has now been scientifically proven that by regularly practising Pranayama and other deep breathing exercises, one can achieve weight loss apart from acquiring a calmer mind and stress-free and healthy body.

9. Skipping: A fun way to burn those extra calories, skipping can actually cheer you up by bringing back those childhood memories and letting all the wedding planning worries take a backseat.

10. Healthy eating: Though this does not come under exercise ,we have to mention it here. This is because; many a bride is known to make that mistake of starving herself to lose weight drastically. DO not do this- as it might end up ruining everything and even make you look sick.

Choose a method that suits your lifestyle and get ready to dazzle everybody on your wedding day.

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