Bridal Body Basics: The Flawless Back!

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As a bride, you might be planning on wearing low cut cholis and deep necked wedding dresses. Needless to say, your back has to be flawless. Here are important tips to help you get a smooth and flawless back:

  1.  Cleanse, exfoliate and bleach your back once every month. If needed, wax off all the excess hair. This is the key step to pulling off  a low neck choli perfectly. If you suffer from heat boils or pimples  avoid bleach as it can further irritate the skin.  Instead go in for a facial pack which suits your skin. You can apply Multani mati based packs in case of oily skin or a fruit based or Gram flour and milk pack in case of dry skin.
  2. Here are a few recipes for homemade packs for the back: Mix gram flour (besan), fresh cream and turmeric. Make a smooth paste and apply this pack on the back taking help from your mum or sis. Wash it off once it dries off. Do not use any soap.
    • Mix gulabjal, sandalwood powder and multani mitti. Apply this paste all over and wash it off after it dries completely. You can also use buttermilk or curd/yogurt. To ensure, you are not allergic, mix a small amount and test it on a small portion on your skin not usually visible.
    • Mix turmeric in water and apply it on your back overnight. Wash it off with hot water in the morning. This pack it known to reduce pimples and heat boils considerably.
  3. Skin polishing is a great way to give your back a healthy glow. The polishing treatment can be availed at most of the beauty salons. Make sure you do these treatments at least 15 days before the wedding day. Based on individual needs, one might need several sessions of skin polishing.
  4. Massage your back regularly with olive oil, as it keeps the skin soft and smooth. During winters, go in for hot oil massage once every week. Aroma therapy is a also a good alternative.
  5. During winters,  add a few drops of oil to your bath water. This will create a protective layer all over your skin and keep it safe from abrading friction created by natural elements.
  6. Aloe vera gel is also very effective in reducing patchy look of the skin.

Flawless Back

Make-up also plays a very important role in making your back look fabulous for any event. Following some simple tips, you can shine on your D-day.

  • Just like you are careful about the make-up on your face, apply only non comedogenic and non acnegenic foundation on your back. Although there’s not much required for this part of your body, a little bit  is a must for ensuring great pictures!
  • For oily skin, use powder foundation and shimmer powder. For dry skin, liquid foundation is more effective as it gives the back an even look.
  • Only use a foundation shade that matches your skin tone on the back. The shade you use on your face may not be the same for your back as this area is usually covered, hence tends to be fairer than the skin on the face.

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