Bridal Gowns By Body Shape – Part 1

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To be honest, one of the smartest ways to get the perfect bridal gown for yourself without visiting around twenty shops is to simply go by your body shape. Just imagine this- by looking at a few bridal gowns that are guaranteed to look great on you and which will hide those nasty bits without covering up your curves, you save yourself both time and money.


So, here’s our little guide on the kind of bridal silhouettes that will best suit your body type:



Apple: Apple shaped women tend to carry the bulk of their weight around the torso and that’s why mermaid dresses are an absolute no-no. The trick is to divert attention from the torso to the upper part of the body and that’s why V-necks or sweetheart necklines are a great idea. Just how deep the neckline should be entirely depends on you! Empire waistlines and A-line bridal silhouettes are guaranteed to look gorgeous on you.



Pear: Most Indian women have this body shape and here  the bottom half of the body is much curvier than the top half. Here too, the trick is to again divert attention from the lower half of the body and to go with a strapless gown or for one with a V-neck. Halter-necks do look sexy no doubt but can hamper the overall look of the gown. Ball gowns and A-line bridal silhouettes will look great on you too but do stay away from trumpet silhouette gowns.



Rectangle: If you have a rectangle shaped body, consider yourself lucky because you get to swish around in eye-catching Mermaid bridal gowns or opt for simple gowns with more elaborate work done on the waistline. That’s because such women don’t have a big waistline to begin with and may find that both their shoulders and hips have the same width as well. Since, looking bulky is not a concern, we say you should go all out with a gown that gives you a curvy figure.


Watch out for the second part of our article next week!

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