Bridal Gowns By Body Shape- Part 2

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We’re back this week with a look at two more body shapes and the best bridal gown fits for each of them:


Hourglass: Often considered to be THE ideal shape for a woman, it’s no wonder that upper class ladies in the Victorian era often encouraged their maids to tie their corset strings tightly just so that the ladies could show off an hourglass figure to perfection! Women with this kind of figure have a well balanced body and a lovely waist as well. So, yes, any bridal gown you choose will look gorgeous on you but it’s best to avoid ball gowns and empire lines. Why not show off that perfect waist on the other hand, with a mermaid bridal gown, corset style dress or a simple A-line dress with a deeper neckline instead?



Triangle: Women with this body type will find that they have wide shoulders and a narrow waist. If you would prefer to cover your shoulders instead of highlighting them, then a sleeved bridal gown with a V shaped neckline is a good option to consider. Keeping the neckline simple will ensure that you have nothing to feel conscious about as heavy detailing could draw attention to your bust. Going strapless is best avoided but if you do want a sexy look, then opt for a bridal gown with thicker shoulder straps.



Remember that it’s important to visit a bridal gown saloon or designer in person and to try out a few fits before deciding which one suits you best. Or you could also sit down with your designer and ask them to design a unique wedding gown from scratch for you. Plus sized women are likely to find that ready-to-wear gowns may not give them the perfect fit and that’s why it’s always worth it to get one customised according to their body shape and preferences. You’ll find a range of fabulous designs online but avoid buying a bridal gown without seeing it or trying it on, unless you are a 100% confident about your choice!


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