Bridal Makeup And Hair Trial Tips

Flipping through hundreds of images on Pinterest and in bridal magazines will no doubt give you an idea about what’s trending on the bridal makeup and hair style scene, but in order to zone in on the bridal look that suits you best, you need to make an appointment for a bridal makeup and hair trial first.

So, what exactly happens in a bridal makeup and hair trial?

bridal makeup and hair

  1. Well, on the day that you are given an appointment, your stylist will talk to you about the kind of bridal makeup and hairstyle she has in mind for you.
  2. Most stylists offer a few makeup and hair options to the bride before finalising one or more looks depending on the number of ceremonies.
  3. Your stylist may also recommend a few hair and skin treatments to do before the wedding.
  4. The best time to book your bridal makeup and hair appointment is at least 3 months prior to your wedding. This gives you ample time to change your mind, if you want!

More Tips On Getting The Best From Your Bridal Makeup and Hair Trial

bridal makeup and hair


  1. Take along a few cut out photos from your favourite bridal magazine so that your stylist will be able to work around your desired look.
  2. If you have any skin allergies to specific makeup brands, let your stylist know.
  3. Similarly, if you would prefer that your stylist use a specific brand or colour palette for your bridal makeup and hair trial, do let him or her know.
  4. It’s a good idea to buy the same lipstick shade that your stylist uses on you for the bridal makeup and hair trial. Assuming that you like the shade, at least you will be able to do your own touch-ups on your wedding day.
  5. Let a few family members or friends tag along with you. After all, suggestions do matter.
  6. Don’t forget to take your jewellery along with you. That way you’ll be able to select a hairstyle that suits you well.
  7. If your wedding dress is ready too, then take that along as well. Lots of brides ask for a makeup look which complements the shade of the bridal attire they will be wearing.
  8. Why waste the free bridal makeup and hair trial look? Ask your photographer to do a photoshoot with you on the same day, so that your glamorous look doesn’t go unclicked.

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