Bridal Shower Ideas On A Budget

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The dream bridal shower would comprise of a seven star hotel, loads of friends & relatives, constant supply of food & drink as well as live entertainment by well-known personalities. In reality, however, throwing such a bridal shower would result in a huge bill that the bridesmaids and other close friends of the bride would be expected to pay for. Not surprisingly, most bridesmaids and other well-wishers of the bride are often on the look-out for easy to implement bridal shower ideas that do not leave anyone frowning. If, ideas for hosting a shower that fits within a pre-decided budget is what you have in mind, then we’ve got some great tips for you.


Deciding on the right location is no easy task, but since we’re on a budget, why not consider hosting the bridal shower at your home instead to save on rental fees? Or, if you are aware of any close friends who stay in a residential complex which may have a club house or a party hall that can be rented for a few hours, it doesn’t hurt to find out the rental fees. Alternatively, social organizations like the Rotary and the Lion’s club often let out their halls or premises to companies and private individuals, when not in use. Although, you may have to make your own catering arrangements, you’ll find that renting this way is a great money saver.



If the guests are all known to each other and stay in the same city, carpooling is a good way to go green and to reach the venue on time. Or if there are guests who do not have their own vehicles, consider hiring a mini-bus or van for the day. If you have to make any travelling arrangements for outstation guests, it makes sense to compare both train and airline fares not just in terms of the money, but also with regard to the length of the journey itself. You’ll find plenty of cheap flight tickets  and last minute saver deals online as well which can cut transportation costs by half.



Bridal shower card invitations come in all sorts of grandiose designs but since keeping to the budget is of prime concern, sending e-invites, a personal mail or even setting up an exclusive bridal shower event page on Facebook are all good cost-cutting measures. However, if there are guests who may not be  tech-savvy, sending an invite by post is considered polite. You’ll find great blank invitation cards at all greeting cards retailers for this purpose. Or, if you would like to add a more personal touch, inviting the guest to the bridal shower by meeting them in person is also a sweet gesture.


Food is a fantastic ice-breaker and if you’re inviting only the bride’s closest friends, then it’s a good idea to ask each guest to bring at least one dish to the bridal shower. Think of it as a bridal shower potluck! On the other hand, if it seems inappropriate to do so, then serving finger foods and mini-bites is the best way to serve a variety of snacks without going overboard in terms of your budget. If you like cooking, you’ll find some great recipes online which can be put together without much hassle. Or, if cooking for so many people seems a bit much, you could also approach catering services and ask them to put together a small menu within a pre-set budget. Avoid serving alcohol which can be expensive and opt for home- made mocktails or for juices straight from the carton.


Going with a theme for a bridal shower can again be expensive so decorating the venue with easily available coloured streamers, balloons and other festoons is a little trick that will ensure you have nothing to crib about when paying the bill!

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