Bride Turns Playback Singer For Her Gorgeous Wedding Courtesy The Wedding Filmer

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We are blown over by this beautiful wedding and we are sure you will be too! The love is evidently seen in the bride and groom’s eyes and we are literally swooning over her pretty dresses! Don’t forget to check out bride Riccha as a playback singer -we have posted the ‘behind the scene’ video of the same! Videography by The Wedding Filmer Crew.

Bride and Groom

Riccha & Andrew

How They Met

Says Riccha: “Our meeting is actually a funny story. During one of my phases of wanting to do every job I was mildly capable of doing (hosting a pub quiz in our city), Andrew was the solo participant in a crowd of many groups competing. He counter questioned my every question till I couldn’t keep my calm, which lead to a ‘friendly’ banter of movie related word play. For the sake of not losing my job since I lost my cool, I went over to apologize and offer a consolation prize. He, as smooth as single malt whiskey, asks me to keep the prize and have dinner with him instead. Just like that. No beating around the bush. Of course I declined. Where were the games? Where was the playing hard to get? What is this unfamiliar territory that I’ve got myself into! This was the start to a 2 year friendship. Which lead to stronger feelings. Which lead to ‘Please don’t ever call me again’. Which lead to no contact. Which lead to a cinematic ‘bumped into each other on an escalator’ scene. Which, no points for guessing, lead to a forever and always.”

Bride Getting Ready


Groom Getting Ready

Bride’s Entry

Groom and Baraat Entry

Rituals and pheras

Bride with her Squad


Here is the behind the scene video of the bride’s song for her man as shot by The Wedding Filmer!

Other Vendors

Sharan Ranjit

MuAMakeuop Academy GlossNGlass

PlannerThe Mogra Collective

Congratulations to the newlyweds! We wish the couple a very happy married life ahead! Wish to submit your professionally shot pre-wedding/wedding or honeymoon pictures/videos to us for publication? Simply email us the details at [email protected]! Get details here.

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