Can Vitamins Really Make Hair Grow in Time For The Wedding?

So you want to look like a fairytale princess for your wedding, but your hair is looking a little bit too short and limp to work? You’ll be pleased to hear that there is a solution to this that doesn’t involve extensions! You are probably already eating a healthy diet in preparation for your big day, but there are certain things you should make sure you’ve incorporated for your hair specifically.

Vitamins For Beautiful Bridal Hair

Hair is made of protein, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a healthy intake of this. If you’re working out in order to lose weight, this will have a double advantage. Though you’ve probably heard of protein supplements mostly for body builders, they’re great for other reasons to. They help repair damage and increase muscle build, leading to more toning. In addition, they strengthen your hair – meaning it can grow thicker and stronger.

Vitamin C

This is responsible for collagen production, and this is an important part of healthy hair growth. Eat plenty of fruit and veg – not only because they’ll keep you in tip-top shape, but because they can keep your hair strong, shiny and prevent breakage. If you’re worrying about not eating enough (a common problem for nervous or stressed-out brides!) try adding it in either by itself or in a multivitamin.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This is an important nutrient mostly found in fish, but lot of people find it easier to take a supplement. The bonus of taking this supplement is that it’s also excellent for your skin, so not only will it help your hair grow better, your skin will glow.


Another go-to vitamin of choice is Biotin. Biotin is water-soluble – which is the best kind to take, as it can’t build up in you if you take more than need, unlike fat soluble vitamins – and is a B-vitamin (vitamin B7, to be precise). It’s well known for strengthening hair and nails too! There’s varied evidence on whether it actually becomes promotes hair growth, but it definitely encourages your hair to grow stronger. Strength is often way more important that actually growth, since one of the main causes of unhealthy hair is breakages. If your hair is stronger, you’ll encounter less breakage, which means it will appear longer and thicker.


Some doctors also recommend Niacin (another B-vitamin, B3). Niacin is good for scalp issues as it’s great at DNA repair so if you often get breakages near the scalp, or if you have otherwise damaged hair, it’s worth adding in. Just be sure to balance it with biotin, as by itself it can go too far the other way and make your hair brittle!

One thing to watch is that some people find that not only does the hair on their heads grows! You may find your eyebrows thicken and you have to shave your legs slightly more often. For some people, this eyebrow growth might be a saviour – the trend this year is strong, defined brows!

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Stop all hair treatments

Of course, whilst these vitamin supplements can make a huge difference, you need to care for your hair externally as well. If you truly want to promote hair growth, you want to avoid straightening or chemically treating it for as long as possible. Avoid buns as they increase the chance of breakages, and ideally, you want to leave it down as often as possible. Also avoid combing your hair when wet – it’s at its most delicate, so whilst it may treat the frizz it often does that by destroying it!

Get more sleep

You also want to try and get enough sleep – hair grows quicker when you’re getting a good night’s sleep. This can be a challenge if you’re stressed, so try to eat early, and allow yourself time to settle down and calm down. It may be a bit of a routine change, but it’ll pay off (plus, your skin will benefit too!)

Basically, vitamin supplements are great – but supplement is there for a reason. You want to avoid relying on them and take extra precautions. If you give your hair the space to grow, free of risk of breakage, the supplements can start to take effect in earnest, leaving you with the hair you desire.
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