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Dressed as a princess for your wedding day

Tips For Choosing your Indian Wedding Colors

Photo by: Cardinal or Coral? Eggplant or Lavender? Hot Pink or Red?

Trends in Indian Bridal Trousseau

The Indian bridal trousseau is not simply limited to dresses and jewelry; it also includes purses, shoes, household items, bed-sheets, table cloths, pillow covers and even kitchen utensils.

Selecting a Bridal Saree

Indian weddings are solemnized with utmost sanctity amidst elaborate rituals and customs.

Indian Wedding Jewellry

Jewelry is considered as the most significant part of Indian women’s life. Historians have dated back the history of jewelry in Indian subcontinent to as much as 5000...

Indian Wedding Dress

India is a country of diverse cultures, languages and religions. This diversity brings a distinct flavor to the Weddings styles from one part of the country to another.

Have Yourself a Merry Vintage Wedding…

Wonderful winter weddings are all the rage this time of year, so to make yours stand out from the crowd try something a little different like a vintage...

How to Select the Right Wedding Jewellery

By It goes without saying that wedding attire is one of the most crucial decisions for the would-be-bride. Once you have decided your wedding dress, it’s time...