How To Choose The Right Wedding Stationery

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Once upon a time couples didn’t really pay much attention to the kind of wedding stationery that was used for their weddings. In fact, most of the times, the designs and final look of the wedding stationery was decided by the family elders. However, new age couples these days are involved in every aspect of their wedding and put in quite a bit of effort in getting the look of the humble wedding stationery right. No, make that Perfect!



So, why is the wedding stationery which features the wedding invitation, the reception invitation and personal invites to all other ceremonies so important? Well, firstly, most weddings have a theme these days and a peek at the wedding stationery gives guests a good idea about the kind of wedding they can expect. Secondly, wedding invitations do eventually land up in scrapbooks and memory books, so isn’t it a good idea to have stationery that stand apart? Here’s what you need to keep in mind:




The Theme: Following a theme for all your wedding stationery, is a great idea because it gives you a base to work with. You could have a separate theme for your wedding card or if you want, you could use hints of the same colours that you plan to have for your wedding as well. For instance, if you plan to have a Fuchsia Orchid themed wedding, a silhouette of this flower or small specks of the vibrant pink shade on the stationery will give guests a hint about the wedding. Or, if your wedding falls on a much celebrated day of the year like Valentine’s Day, images of small hearts or a Cupid gives a good indication about the date of the wedding.




Meeting a vendor/designer: If you already have a wedding planner, then he or she will be able to guide you in choosing the right designs for your wedding stationery. But in case, you plan to do your own bit of homework, it is advisable to meet with a few vendors or wedding card printers who will be able to help you choose the right theme and design. Many of these wedding card vendors also have their own team of in-house designers who will be able to design a card for you based on any budget you give. Meet with at least three such vendors in person so that you have a fair idea about the costs involved and make sure you ask for a wedding stationery sample or two as well.




Have a Budget: You may not realize it but wedding stationery can be an expensive affair especially if you choose a fancy design and look. The cost of a wedding card depends upon the paper that is used, design & artwork that you choose, the kind of font used, use of any extra embellishments and the number of cards that need to be printed. If you’re working on a tight budget, you’ll find plenty of good deals online and ready to view samples that give you an idea about how the end product will look like.



One word of advice- don’t forget to think about the words that are used on your wedding stationery as well as they really pay tribute to the ‘spirit’ of the wedding. Out of the box ideas are trending these days, so do away with the usual solemn words that were once the norm and include a short poem, a joke, a headline or a small verse instead. Believe us, your guests will look forward to being a part of your happy day, even more! In our next article, we give you insights into some of the trending wedding stationery designs this year.


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