Cold Feet or Red Flags-When Do You Know Something’s Wrong in a Relationship?

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Many consider that ‘cold feet’ feeling before the nuptials as common wedding jitters. Often, these are more than the usual cold feet syndromes. So, how do you know whether you are having cold feet or whether the signs are indeed red flags?

Here are 7 surefire signs which are more than cold feet and have all the reasons to be potential red flags-

cold feet or red flags

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1. “Should I be getting married?” seems to be the only question on your mind these days

It’s your bachelorette party and instead of enjoying it, you keep asking your friends and guests this one question. Your mind answers, “The answer is already there in your question.” But, you ignore that inner voice somehow. Marriage is a decision taken by two individuals, not by conducting a poll.

2. You indulge in unhealthy lifestyle

You used to be popular among friends for your obsession about weight and healthy diet. Suddenly, you are binge-eating, skipping meals or indulging in fast food that is so’unlike you’. You have already gained a few kilos already in the past few months, yet, you don’t care about it. It’s like you do not know what are you doing to yourself. This, “fallen of the track and not bothering about it “is a clear red flag you should take into consideration.

3. You are indifferent about your wedding planning

If you are, by nature, a person who takes immense interest in being involved in planning an event but you ignore your own wedding planning, then its definitely more than a cold feet. Girls fantasize over every little thing related to their wedding. So, if you are constantly finding excuses to skip your wedding shopping or meeting the designer, there is something not right.

wedding planning

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4. You tend to get emotional. A lot.

Whenever you are alone or whenever you think of getting married. You just don’t understand what is wrong with your tear glands-why they have suddenly become so active . While emotional ups and downs are usual for girls before wedding, if it’s beyond the normal level, you need to think things over…

5. You secretly desire to lead the life of the single

The moment you meet or see your single friends hanging around, you feel envious. You have nightmares where you see yourself being chained. You suddenly feel claustrophobic, even when out in the open air. The craving for single-hood has never been so strong in your mind.

cold feet or red flags

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6. You don’t want to spend time with your fiancé

In fact, that’s the last thing you want to do right now. It does not even bother you. It was all nice and rosy till you got engaged. Then you have developed a sudden liking for “me-time.” Conversations over the phone have also become as shorter as possible.

7. You pray for some divine intervention to cancel the wedding

Yes, that’s the very last thought you have every night. You pray someone comes to your rescue and call off this wedding. An angel, an earthquake or anything….

If you are having any of these 7 thoughts, you need to stop, analyse and give your wedding a second thought before it’s too late.

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