Coming Soon: Indian Wedding Jewelry Collection Inspired by the ‘Saat Phere’

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World Gold Council has announced its latest wedding jewelry collection, which, in the words of its makers, “Celebrates the Moment of Togetherness”.

The seven Beads and Strands represent the Saat Pheras

The AZVA collection-photo:

Indians love jewelry; especially one made from gold. In fact, right since the birth of their daughter; parents scramble to buy gold each year. Thus, they have enough collected by the time she reaches the marriageable age. Gold purchasing is an event in itself; the shopping has to be done at the right “Muhurat”.  There are two main auspicious occasions (according to the lunar calendar), when Indian families flock to the markets to buy gold: Gurupushyam and Akshyaa tritiya. Both these events see leading jewelry stores flooded with customers.

Naturally, gold jewelry makers try to launch interesting new collections each year to cater to latest styles and fashions. The AZVA 22 karat collection also seems promising-it is inspired by the sacred vows of the Indian wedding ceremony aka the Saat Phere. The word AZVA is derived from the Sanskrit word Ashva which means ‘the sacred seven vows said in front of the holy fire’ that symbolizes the soon-to-be couple’s commitment to one another.


The makers of Azva (who are actually eight of the finest jewelry manufacturers in the country) have promised this bridal jewelry collection to cater to the modern Indian bride. Many of these manufacturing companies have, in fact, been in the jewelry making field for centuries. Brides planning to marry next year are rather lucky since the collection is set to hit shelves early next year in most Indian cities.

Apart from gold, antique Polki and Kundan jewelry set in rubies, garnet and emeralds are also making a comeback this season. Specifically; younger brides are choosing chokers made with gold and diamonds and entire sets of jewelry including the mangalsutra, bangles, armlets and Maang tikas are all available in such trendy styles.


Modern brides are also opting for light-weight jewelry rather than the heavier pieces. The advantages of such pieces are that they still look grand and expensive but are rather light on one’s pocket! They are also comfortable and easy to wear all day long. The popular look this season is chandelier earrings, lightweight  diamond necklaces paired with thick(but light) diamond bracelets, matching anklets, armlets and hair pieces. The designs are also available in Bengali, Maharashtrian and South Indian styles.

Here is our advice to brides (and their families) regarding purchasing jewelry:

  1. Shop only from reputed stores
  2.  The jewelry must carry the monogram of the hallmark symbol
  3. Ask for certificates while purchasing diamond and platinum jewelry.

Brides must also decide upon the outfit prior to choosing their jewelry. Additionally, one must not go overboard; sometimes simpler and fewer ornaments can also add a ‘sparkle’ to one’s beauty.

What are your thoughts on the Azva bridal collection? Let us know!

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