Common Wedding Dress Disasters and How to Deal with Them

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The list of things which can go wrong during the wedding can be infinite. From a not-so-punctual priest to an unexpected number of guests turning up without prior notification, from misplaced rings to a DJ playlist which you were not  exactly expecting, the possibilities are endless. But, the worst of all is a bride’s dress disaster. Still, even after most careful planning and precautions, wedding dress disaster can happen. SA little heads-up on this can help prevent them. We give you the complete rundown.

Common wedding dress disasters and how to deal with them.

1. Spilled liquid

You’re all decked up in your bridal attire and ready to hit the aisle. Suddenly, someone accidentally spills cold drink or a coffee on your dress. No need to push your panic button.Just take a cotton swab, apply some hairspray on the stain and rub it gently. The stain will lighten up considerably.

2. Dress doesn’t fit at all

When you tried it last time, it fitted well. But, that might be a few months ago. Or it can be just a particular part of the dress which looks misfit like the waist or the collar. In such situations, brides make the biggest blunder. They try to fix it themselves. Never do that unless you are a pro. Instead, either call a professional tailor to your place or go to your fashion designer taking the dress with you. They will alter it in an hour or so.

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3. Last minute alteration go wrong

And what if the last minute alteration go wrong? What if the tailor fits it too much that it causes suffocation’? It’s better to ask them upfront not to make any ‘permanent’ changes to the dress. This way, you can undo any alterations if and when needed.

4. Troublesome drawstrings

This is the most troublesome of all. You never know when it will loosen up or get too tight- its nature is as unpredictable. So, if you are in the middle of the wedding mandap and the naada starts giving you trouble, don’t panic. Just excuse yourself for a moment, go to the restroom and fix it. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till the situation goes out of hand.

5. Dupatta missing

We know how much effort you have put to find that perfect dupatta for your bridal lehenga or saree. Now, on your big day, If you realize to your horror that your bridal dupatta is not exactly where it’s supposed to be, it can be heartbreaking. Still, keep your calm and ask your friends and cousins to go for a hunt. If it’s still missing and you have some time left in hand, send someone to go to the same shop from where you bought the dupatta and buy another one. You can also use your Instagram images to see if anybody has anything close to it.

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6. That stubborn nail polish stain

Often brides paint their nails at the last moment. While that makes your nail paint look lovely and fresh, it puts your bridal wear at risk of getting stained. Before you use any detergent or bleaching agent, make sure to take a look at the label to find out about the fabric. Use a paper towel and acetone on the back side to remove the stains. But, try not to use nail polish remover on your expensive bridal wear.

7.  You rip the dress, accidentally

This happens- a lot. The dress could get stuck into something or be stepped on over with someone wearing heels. Anything can cause your bridal dress to get ripped or torn. It’s sad, we know. But, to deal with the disaster, check whether it’s possible to hide the torn or ripped area somehow with a dupatta or jewellery. If nothing works, change your bridal wear if the dress is beyond repairing.

8. The button pops

Grooms, be aware of suddenly popped-up buttons. If such situation arises, excuse yourself. In all probabilities, your dress or suit has come with an extra set of buttons. Try to keep that set handy to avoid such wedding dress disasters.

9. It’s not YOUR dress!!!

That’s one of the worst wedding dress disasters. The dress you gave for alteration is not the dress you received. It’s not yours! Calm down, call the designer and ask them to take an immediate action.

Last but most importantly, try to keep a bunch of safety pins in your handbag. They can come too useful in such situations.

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