Compliments Your Husband Would Love To Hear From You!

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Everybody loves to hear touching and genuine compliments about themselves every now and then. Ironically, most couples never hesitate to compliment each other when they are courting or just engaged. Although relationship experts aren’t sure why, it’s a well-known fact that married couples rarely compliment each other and are more likely to take one another for granted. This could be attributed to many reasons- jobs, stress, kids, the feeling that one’s appreciation is already understood and hence doesn’t need to be stated.. the list goes on..

At weddingsonline, we believe in the power of complimenting your better half more often and really meaning it. You’ll feel the difference in your relationship almost instantly, so here are ten compliments that you remember to give:

I’m glad we are together

It doesn’t matter if yours was an arranged or a love marriage. But your spouse just being in your life is reason enough for you to be grateful and that appreciation needs to be shared.

I am so proud of you

Ever seen how little kids puff up their chests and glow when they are complimented? The same goes for your man too. If he works hard and does what it takes to keep your family happy, let him know. Being his cheerleader helps him turn to you more often when he feels low.

You make me feel younger

When you tell your partner that he makes you feel younger, it’s also like telling him that he is the reason behind your smiling happy face. It lets him know that you take note of such things.

You’re trustworthy

Trust is the rock on which any relationship is constructed and more so for a marriage. When you compliment your spouse by telling him that he is a person who can be trusted, you not only amp up his confidence but also let him know that he is worthy of you.

I know you work hard for us

We all take slogging away at our day jobs for granted, and whether we like it or not, the bulk of the stress for providing for the family falls on the husband. Showing your appreciation every now and then by acknowledging his efforts, inspires him to reach greater heights.


Thank you for..

It never hurts to say thank you when he does something for you, and yet this magic word is said ever so less in a marriage.

I need your advice

Asking for advice is an indirect compliment because it shows that he is worthy of your trust. Which husband wouldn’t like to be the first person you go to, when in need?

I really respect you

When you let your husband know he you respect him and that he has an undisputable place in your life, you are indirectly letting him know that his opinions and feedback matter to you. Plus, he is a priority!

You look really good

If your hubby has been hitting the gym with a vengeance then let him know that his new body (and his efforts) aren’t going in vain at all. You’ve noticed that he is on his way to getting fitter and healthier.

You look amazing

Think your spouse looks superb in that new black shirt? Let him know! He may not blush on first compliment but he will smile to himself just thinking about what you said. It’s a great way to start a new day!

What’s your favourite compliment to give your husband? Write in and tell us.

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