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India Weddings recently had the opportunity to interview a talented team of husband and wife photographers Dhaval and Medhavi Kotecha . This remarkable duo has been shooting Indian weddings for nearly five years and during this period they have covered everything from intimate ceremonies to big fat Indian weddings. Naturally, they completely appreciate the significance wedding photographs have in the lives of newlyweds and their families.  Here is an excerpt of the interview with the pair:

Why did you choose weddings as your field? Weddings have all those emotions which we like to capture. Every Indian wedding is different and you get to know the customs of different cultures across the country; you meet new people each time and get to learn a new story. Wedding is a ‘new beginning’ and we take it upon us to showcase this story well. Apart from weddings, we also do outdoor couple portraiture, kids portraits and cover events like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

What is the size of weddings you have handled? We have handled weddings on a scale of medium to large. The biggest wedding which we recently covered was that of celebrity Esha Deol with businessman Bharat Takhtani. Every couple is special and we offer customized packages according to one’s budget and requirement. Our packages start from 50,000 INR per day.   What is your chosen style of wedding photography? We are contemporary wedding photographers. Shooting candid pictures is our forte. We don’t intrude while the ceremonies are going on-so we get the best of the candid shots during the weddings. We also include formal shots if required. Some of these shots occur naturally when the bride/groom are getting ready. However, during these moments as well, we shoot candid as well as posed pictures. Portraying the beauty of the bride is one of the most important aspects for any wedding photographer. We try to capture all the small details as we know the efforts that have been put in by the bride and her family in these preparations. Apart from these; we offer a complimentary outdoor shoot to the bride and groom on the wedding day if time permits. These pictures are totally ‘fun’ pictures and add a different dimension to the photo albums that we deliver to our clients. We also document the events happening throughout the wedding. So, in general, we offer every type of picture that the client requires. We don’t believe in ‘just’ meeting the expectations of the client, we believe in ‘exceeding’ their expectations. Any interesting experiences which you would like to share with our readers? Every wedding is a unique and original experience. We have travelled to several locations across India capturing weddings from different cultures. However, the biggest experience until now was shooting Esha Deol’s wedding. Officially, there were 4 photographer teams invited to capture these week long celebrations. However, one of the photographers bought along a team comprising of 35 members! Shooting amidst that chaos and getting the best shots was the greatest challenge we faced apart from it being a fabulous and an enriching experience! What is your advice to brides and grooms for great wedding day photographs-any specific colors that you would recommend? The only advice to the brides and the grooms is ‘relax’! Tension is likely to show on your faces and it does reflect in the photos as well. Plan it ahead with the photographer about what is being expected out of the team. Bad planning will lead to some shots being missed.  Let them know in advance if they need certain rituals shot-so one does not miss out on these important keepsakes. Our favorite color for any outdoor shoot is white-for its purity. The Indian wedding attire in most bright and festive colors is also a great choice for the couple; even though such a shoot would probably take place a little later than the wedding day. India Weddings wishes this talented couple all the very best in their endeavors. Do visit Dkreate Photography for further information on their photography styles!

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