How to Convince Everyone in the Family to Have a Simple Wedding

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So, after all the promises and persuasion, you are now ready to take that leap of faith. Yes, you are ready to get hitched. Your entire family is eager to celebrate the much-awaited wedding they have probably planned since you were born. Most family members have also pictured this day a thousand times in their minds! You are likely getting all kinds of tips and advice from your near and dear ones. From the colour of your designer attire to which venue is giving the best rate and hence, should be booked at the earliest; it might seem to you that your family has planned everything eons ago. But there starts the trouble. You want to plan your big day in your own way which is nowhere close to how your family has dreamed it. Which means that you have to choose between their way and your way.

As a recent post on the minimalist life led by Japanese people has gone viral among youngsters, it’s not tough to guess that for a huge number of young population, simplicity means everything. If you are one who has always wished to have a simple wedding with just a few special ones around to share your happiness with, but not sure how to convince your family about it, then this article is for you.

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How to Convince People to Have a Simple Wedding

1. Be clear about your purpose

Before you try to convince others about your plan of having a simple wedding, first, be clear about it yourself. Ask yourself why you want a low-key and intimate celebration. If the reasons sound convincing to you, probably, others will get your point too.

2. Define a Simple Wedding

What makes a wedding simple? Is it just a handful of guests or a simple venue or basic menu or an overall minimalist approach? Let us rephrase the question, how do you plan to make your wedding a simple one? Once this is clear in your own mind, you can convince others too.

3.Talk to your family

Once you are clear about your ideas and goals, talk to your family. Make sure you pick a time when your family is in a relaxed mode. It’s very unlikely that they will pay attention to your ‘rants’ when they are in a hurry, leaving for work or in midst of something important. Do wait for the right time when everyone is in a relaxed mood to bring up this topic for discussion.

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4. Explain your reasons

Your folks need a solid reason to abandon all their dreams regarding your wedding. So, be ready to explain them everything clearly and precisely without leaving any room for ambiguity. Try to put yourself in their position to understand the seriousness of such a situation and accordingly. They may ask you a thousand questions, can get upset too. Don’t worry. They need some time to absorb and process the information.

5. Show them the positive side

If you look closely, you will notice that people tend to be apprehensive of the idea of ‘small wedding’ mostly for social issues, fearing it will send a negative message. If you can show them the positive side of a simple wedding, “what others will think?” will stop bothering them. Also, tell them that it’s not a sacrifice you’re going to make, it’s your conscious choice and you love it already.

6. Answer their queries

If they have listened to you, it’s your duty to listen to their queries and give them proper answers. Remember, a simple wedding is still a foreign concept to them. Also, many confuse a simple wedding as a ‘poor’ thing. So, clearing their confusion will be the best way to get their hearty approval.

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7. Show them the benefits

Rather, make a list of the benefits of having a simple wedding and let them read it. Tell your family that by inviting a few, you are ensuring less crowd and more one-on-one communication. Also, how if you don’t splurge on designer outfits and expensive jewelry, you can plan a great destination wedding or a fabulous honeymoon abroad. You can also utilize the money saved for important things in the future. Keep it in the bank, and earn interest on it!

All you have to do is making your family see that a simple wedding means that your priorities are clear to you and you are making conscious decisions to plan your big day that way.

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