How To Cut Wedding Costs Without Compromising

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While it is true that deep down everybody wants a fairy-tale wedding; in most cases the wedding budget interferes with these dreams. Either the bride and groom risk everything and go overboard in an attempt to fulfill their childhood dreams or they make compromises for the sake of it. But what if we tell you that you can cut your wedding costs without compromising? Yes. You don’t have to be a wedding professional to do so. All you need is a few trick up your sleeves to make it through without failure. Here we will talk about the tricks and tips to help you manage your wedding budget without compromising on fun or joy of the occasion.

10 Magic Ways to Cut Your Wedding Budget

1. Know bargaining terms

When you shop for the mehndi lehenga or the sangeet outfit, try not to mention these words. Even better, try not to announce to the entire store that it is your wedding. Rather just ask them to show you some exclusive dresses. The moment the shopkeepers get to know that it’s your wedding, they will probably show you overpriced lehengas. Same is true with MUAs. Instead of asking them to cover your sangeet or engagement, tell them to just do your party makeup.

2. Trim your wedding decor

Instead of cutting your guest list short, you can replace the roses with seasonal flowers and the ceiling decorations with printed linens.

3. Quick does it

When you take a year or longer to plan a wedding, you end up buying unnecessary items which you may not even use. To avoid that, keep your wedding planning timeline short. Of course, you must book your venue and photographer a year in advance.

4. Say hello to brunch

For the sangeet, mehndi and engagement days, opt for brunch or lunch instead of a full course dinner. Your guests will love the idea of a sit down lunch reception followed by light cocktail drinks.

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5. Choose local venues

We understand the allure of the faraway exotic destination, but if you have a tight budget, selecting a local venue like a banquet hall or hotel will be much beneficial.

6. Ditch the theme but in a clever way

Don’t choose a complete theme package; you will have no liberty over the costs. And, honestly, sometimes, more than 50% items used in a theme wedding hold no value at all.

7. Ready-made venues are ‘in’

Yes, plenty of wedding venues are ready-made. They come much cheaper than the virgin venues which need to be decorated for a wedding.

8. Keep a tab on the bar

Unless you are from Punjab, you can limit the bar. Oftentimes, people go broke after setting up unlimited bar in their weddings.

9. Let your creative friends showcase their talents

The junior from college takes amazing photographs: give him a chance. The ex-colleague of yours is excellent in making handicrafts-let her help with the decorations. Of course, they will not work for free. But they will charge you way less than any professionals.

10. Skip the ‘season’

The best way to cut your wedding costs short is to not get married when it’s off-wedding season i.e. in December, February or November. This is a great way of getting good deals on venues.

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