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Gone are those days when only brides were obsessed with looking good and having the best outfits during the wedding occasions. Now even grooms have this sudden desire of shopping for their own ensembles which have to go with the present fashion trend.

Indian weddings are usually composed of three to four days of fun celebration. Each day requires a whole new wardrobe for the bride, groom and both families. The focus for brides is usually on their jewellery to match their attire and for groom is usually on their shoes which should perfectly suit their style and comfort.

To make life easier for would be grooms, we have shortlisted the type of shoes needed in accordance to the occasion and clothing required.


1.)    Misri/Mehendi/Sangeet

Misri, Mehendi and Sangeet commonly happen on the same day. Which means one outfit and pair of shoes and the groom is ready to rock it. He wears an embellished traditional outfit that can be paired with a mojri (traditional Indian shoe) or colored loafers.



2.)    Pheras

This is day when the groom easily sways his to be inlaws by wearing a pair of classic indian shoes which as per tradition is meant to be stolen by the bride’s sisters. His shoe preference would truly exhibit his chic or dull fashion sense.


3.)    Reception

A formal affair calls for dressy shoes and a well fitted tux or suit. The universal color for formal shoes is normally black as it goes with all shades of the suit. Oxfords or leather boots will be the perfect footwear for this occasion. Lace or no lace what matters is the groom feels and looks dapper.





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