Decoding Your Groom’s Unspoken Thoughts

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Sometimes, it truly feels that the grass is greener on the other side. Brides who have partners who are over-involved with wedding planning wish they would back-off, brides who have partners who can’t tell the difference between a sunflower and a gerbera wish their better halves would take the trouble to attend flower arrangement classes and then we come to the third type of bride- the one who can’t understand what her groom is thinking and who is unsure about how to work with him.


So, we thought that it might be helpful if we decode what actually goes on in a guy’s mind when it comes to various aspects of wedding planning. This is just a rough guide, but it will certainly help bring some clarity too:

How involved should you be with the bachelor’s party:

A bachelor party is strictly a guy’s domain and let’s be honest; if a ‘naughty’ theme is being planned for the day or night, then there’s a good chance that he may not want you to be involved with the planning at all. After all, what’s the fun if the bride is going to decide how the party should go? Then again, brides tend to think that a bachelor party is simply an immature way of celebrating whereas there are plenty of guys who look forward to it being remembered as the ‘best party of their lives’. If you are unsure about whether your help is needed or not, simply ask. You’ll either hear a yes or a no and if it’s a no, then don’t feel offended.  Second rule of the game is to never ask your partner what actually happened at the bachelor party and don’t try to interrogate his best man about it either. Your partner getting together with his friends should not be a reason for any emotional insecurity on your part.


Is it alright if I pick up his wedding wear for him:

We can think of many bridegrooms who would be absolutely happy if their brides accompanied them while going wedding wear shopping. This way they get to kill two birds with one stone- any outfit that is eventually picked up has the final approval of the bride and the groom also gets to hear the bride’s suggestions. However, just as any bride would like to have the final say in what she finally appears in on her wedding day; so does the groom. It’s only fair we think to allow him to choose something that he would be comfortable in without expecting him to wear an ensemble just because it matches the wedding decor! Suggest a few colours that you would like to see him in or which would match whatever colour palette you wear but let him have the final word.

We will be back with more tips on how to understand your groom’s thoughts better.

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