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The Indian Wedding is renowned for its magnificent decorations. Weddings are the most important occasion for the bride and the groom and so the wedding decorations should also be perfect so that they boost the grandeur of the marriage ceremony.

Those who are planning their wedding must take into consideration every detail of wedding decoration to make the most special moment of the bride and groom more and more enthralling. A wedding planner will need to consider: Home Decorations, Car Decorations, Sangeet Decorations, Engagement Decorations, Mehendi Decorations, Wedding Stage Decorations, Sagan Decorations, etc.

The Home
The greatest importance is in decorating your home where you will welcome the bride and the groom along with all your esteemed guests. Your home should have the perfect look and feel of the wedding so that it exudes rays of cheerfulness all around. One should try to keep his or her room neat and clean. Moreover you can also change the color of your home in advance of the wedding. Try to put in some bright colors as they will remove any negative impact from your house if present and also will fill your mind with contentment.

The Cars
Next to Home Decorations one must give importance to the decoration of the cars. Varieties of flowers can be used for wedding car decorations on the basis of its color. The vibrant bloom of roses as well as any other fresh flowers can make your wedding car look gorgeous. A wide range of accessories like mirrors, artifacts, bows, tissues, etc, can also beautify your wedding car in an exotic way. The wedding planners in India also make use of different shaped balloons that add a graceful look to your wedding car. You can also take the help of artificial garlands in order to bestow a sensational look to your car, saving much of your time.

Sangeet decorations
Just like the home decorations and the car decorations for your wedding, Sangeet decorations are also essential part of your wedding event. Nowadays it is based on varieties of themes as per your choice as well as budget. You can make ethnic Sangeet decorations by virtue of assorted colors such as fiery red, sizzling orange, etc with several golden glitters. Beside colors, flowers like rose, gerberas, orchid, marigold, etc can also enhance the set up of your Sangeet ceremony.

Engagement decoration
Apart from Sangeet decorations, engagement decoration also carries much weight in a wedding though it differs from culture to culture. There can be diverse themes for wedding engagement decorations. You can pick up an imperial theme, theme of fairy tale romance as well as movie theme for your engagement decorations. A traditional wedding engagement decoration is made with bright flowers. In order to confer a classic Indian traditional look, the wedding planners in India can make use of lanterns and candles. One can also use earthen colors in the engagement decoration. Whatever may be your taste for the theme of engagement, it must look great reflecting its unique appeal.

There is also the Mehendi Decorations, Wedding Stage Decorations, and Sagan Decorations….

by Sankari Kalugasalam

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