Destinations for Honeymoon – Istanbul

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Istanbul for honeymoon…?? Why not!! If you wish to begin the journey of your married life exploring a fascinating history, enjoying fantastic city night life and spend some time walking around , then this Turkish delight is an ideal place for you.

It is a place where you can spend weeks exploring many wondrous sights around each and every corner…wander among the treasures of Hagia Sophia, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque aka the Blue Mosque, and Topkapı Palace. Visit the Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Archaeology MuseumsThe Turkish and Islamic Art Museum will take you to the treasures of the glorious past. Watching whirling dervish performances is a magical experience that you will remember forever.


Cruise along the Bosphorus or stroll hand in hand across the Galata Bridge where you can enjoy the delightful views along the deep blue coast. With the Black Sea in the north, the Marmara Sea in the south you will experience great moments and witness the unusual combination of climates of the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

There is no other better way than unwinding in noise and traffic-free paradise Princes’ Islands. You can get around by walking, bicycle, or horse and carriage. Walk or ride through narrow streets flank by pine-forests, herbs, flowers, lovely wooden mansions, few eccentric cafes and shops makes it unique relaxing gateway.


All you shopoholics, let yourself loose in the largest and most chaotic but colourful,oldest covered market in the world ‘Grand Bazaar‘. It is a unique Istanbul experience that shouldn’t be missed, even if you a not big on shopping. Don’t forget to take home some of the best spices from the historic Spice Bazaar.

Besides being romantic, Istanbul is also the ideal city to enjoy delicious local and global cuisine at restaurants watching truly incredible skyline in comfortable Mediterranean climate. If you’re in the mood to escape from crowd, crazy clubs, parties….don’t worry city has many cosy bars and lounges.

Last but not the least ….your visit is incomplete unless you immerse yourself in history, architecture, warm water and soap suds – all at the same time in a luxurious Turkish bath. Never ending sites… no matter how much time you spend here it will never be enough. So discuss, decide and prepare yourself for an exciting experience.

Turkish bath

The best time to visit Istanbul is in spring and autumn, from April to May and from September to mid November. A trip spanning 3-5 days would cost approximately Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 per person. All Indian nationals require visa for entry into Istanbul. Check the following links for more details on visa applications and visitor information:


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