Different Saree Draping Ideas

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The beauty of a woman is best enhanced when she wears a sari. There are so many different ways how a woman can drape her sari. It is the drape which brings out the elegance and class associated with sari draping. Therefore it is important to understand the different forms of draping then seven yard of fabric.

Given below are 5 most preferred methods of draping a sari:

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Gujarati Style

In Gujarati style of wearing a sari, you have to pass the pleats between your legs. Then they are tucked in at waist and that also at the back. Free end of the sari is drawn from the back. It is then passed crossways right shoulder and then secured or fastened at the back side.



Kodagu Style

This form of draping is generally done by women of Kodagu district in state of Karnataka.

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This form does not go with the conventional style. The pleats of the sari are places at the back rather than on the front. Sari’s free end is draped from back-to-front. It put on the right shoulder. The sari is then fastened at the front.

Nivi Style

In this style women wear a waistband as well as a petticoat. In the waistband, one end of sari is tucked in. Rest of the sari is wrapped around the lower part of body only once; the remaining part is put into even pleats and then put immediately below the navel area. The Nivi style of sari draping is most common and makes woman look simply beautiful.

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Modern Style

Some women like to drape their sari in modern style. The pleats in the modern styles are already stitched and you just have to put them into your petticoat. This style is very easy to wear and even a woman who does not really know how to tie a sari can wear this style with ease. ts is more suitable for women who aren’t much practiced with saree, or probably, its their first time! if you cant afford to loose it on your big day, here’s an easy way out, ladies!



Professional Style

A lot of women like to wear sari to their office. Sari is regarded as a formal Indian garment.

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So owing to this fact, sari is tailored to go with different situations as well as conditions specific to varied professions and individuals. A sari which is worn by an air hostess will be different from the sari which is worn by hotel staff, so the necessity for professional styles of sari draping thus arises.


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