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So, your wedding is just around the corner and you want nothing less than the very best photographs clicked and snapped all through the ceremony and at the reception. Candid wedding photography is now everywhere and after that, what? Say hello to a new trend doing the rounds- Drone wedding photography.


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If wedding planners are to be believed, the drone is making a quiet but a steady appearance at many weddings all across the country and couples don’t mind spending that little extra to get aerial shots of their special day. After all, why settle for photos taken at ground level when a lovely aerial shot is just a remote control click away? It’s almost near impossible to get zoom in shots, wide angles as well as top angle shots with an ordinary camera which explains why drone wedding photography is part of wedding budgets these days.

Purchasing a drone will set you back by a few lakhs and unless drone photography is something you plan to explore at leisure later, we suggest talking to your wedding photographer about hiring one for the day instead. With a professional to take the best clicks for you, all you need to focus on is looking stylish. Here’s what you need to keep in mind about drone wedding photography:

Ask the photographer if a drone can be used at your wedding venue. If your ceremony is happening indoors, he would need to be extremely tech savvy to be able to manoeuvre the remote manually. Outdoor weddings undoubtedly are the best spots for drone wedding photography.


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You should also bear in mind that drones tend to make quite a bit of noise especially when they are up in the air and that’s why it’s best to avoid using them while you are saying your vows or when another part of the ceremony is being performed.

The weather plays a very important part in determining how high your drone will fly and whether it will fly at all, in fact! For example, using a drone during the monsoons is a no-no and it’s best to avoid flying a drone when there are strong winds. Using a drone to get exotic shots in bad weather could have serious consequences for your guests and your family.


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Stand-alone drone wedding photography packages are still a novelty in India and most photographers use them as an add-on in addition to candid wedding photography. This also means that you should be very clear about the amount you will be paying the photographer for the entire day.

Drone wedding photography looks like it’s here to stay. Share your comments and feedback about this new trend with us here.

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