7 Eclectic Saree Drapes That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know About

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Wedding is a special occasion for everyone to dress up in style. Whether it’s the cocktail party, the pre wedding ceremony, or the wedding ritual, we all want to drape ourselves in the most gorgeous way.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the different ways of draping saree to suit the occasion elegantly.


The saree if worn with grace is the most sought after Indian wear which is very appealing. You can show off a great pattern, texture and style of a saree by taking inspiration from our culture by draping the eternally elegant sari and take fashion to a new level. Draping a saree using creative techniques will make you look glamorous and authentic fashion icon; someone who dresses aptly for the occasion.

• Gujrati drape

Bring in royalty and elegance to your saree by draping it in the sidha palla style or Gujarati style and rock the event.

Gujarati Saree

• Marathi Style
A typical of Marathi wedding, this trend of wearing the saree between the legs and tucked on to the waist from behind, makes your movement very convenient. The pattern of pleats resembles a Patiala.

Marathi Style

• Ulta palla
A popular drape, this is uniformly sported by ladies everywhere, be it a formal or informal event. It makes the saree pattern appear elaborate as it is spread out.

Ulta palla

• Bengali style
Representing the Bengali culture , Aishwarya Rai Bacchan sported this look in the movie Devdas. With minimal pleats, this pattern of sarees have elaborate motifs and bright borders.

Bengali saree

• Trendy drape
Many designers are giving saree a fusion look by draping it trendily with dhoti or leggings as the bottom wear. It has caught the fancy of many fashionistas on the ramp and adds oomph to the wearer.


• Nivi Drape
A popular pattern of donning a saree if you have to rush to work, this is a basic saree drape with pleated palla that gives a sophisticated look.

Basic saree drape


• Lehenga saree
Lehenga saree is gaining popularity because of the ease of wearing  associated with it. Easy handling of this pattern makes it very popular with brides.



 Which of these drapes have you tried? Let us know!

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